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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NEW Dolcedi Sweetener (Review)

I'm so excited to be able to tell you about this brand new product.  I mean really, really brand new--as in, today is its launch day in the United States.  I received a sample, at no cost to me, so I could try it out and tell you about it.

Dolcedi (pronounced dohl-che-DEE) is a new kind of sweetener from Rigoni di Asiago.  You might remember that I once told you about two of their other products: Nocciolata--the all-natural organic hazelnut and cocoa spread--and Fiordifrutta fruit spreads.

These are my favorite unique things about Dolcedi:
  1. Made from 100% organic apples
  2. 25% lower in calories than table sugar
  3. Very soluble in hot or cold drinks
  4. Low glycemic index
I love, love, love sugar, but the sugar buzz (blood sugar spike) and the ensuing blood sugar crash aren't good things for me.  Glycemic index (GI), which measures how quickly the body breaks down carbohydrates, is generally linked to the rate at which blood sugar increases.  (I am not a nutritionist.  I just like to read.)  So the lower GI of Dolcedi, as compared to table sugar, means that the carbs are broken down more slowly, which reduces that spike in blood sugar.  (Again, I am not a nutritionist.)  I try to look for foods with lower GI for this reason.

Dolcedi is syrupy:  it looks similar to light corn syrup but isn't as thick.  When I tasted a little bit of it straight from the bottle, I noticed a very slight apple flavor.  Mixed with anything, though, the flavor is purely sweet.

So I tried adding it to my morning coffee.  As far as I could tell, it dissolved instantly.  I'm thinking it will be great for iced coffee ... no more leaving the sugar crystals at the bottom of the glass!  And the taste is just like sugar.

Unlike some other sweeteners, Dolcedi is supposed to be good for baking.  I had to check that out.  (See what lengths I'll go to give you a thorough review?)  I didn't want to use up my sample to make a whole cake, so I made a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough mug cake.

That's a pretty good recipe, but more to the point, it was better when I used Dolcedi than when I used sugar.  I think the added moisture from Dolcedi kept the cake from getting tough.

I didn't find anything that I didn't like about Dolcedi.  If you'd like more information, see these links:


  1. Dissolves poorly in cold coffee. Excellent sweetener for the purpose, however, with regard to taste. One teaspoon in an 8-oz. cup of cold cafe au lait is overly-sweet, but delicious.

  2. The label on the back is misleading as it states serving size of one tbsp. and then goes on to list nutritional info for one tsp. It leads people to believe there are 15 calories and 3.9 carbs in one tbsp. Not sure if this is intentionally deceptive.

  3. Thank you, Anonymous, for your question regarding the Nutrition Facts. Yes, there were a few errors in the first run of labels for the Dolcedì. We have since updated the labeling and are happy to clear up the confusion!

    The correct and up-to-date Nutrition Facts for Dolcedì are as follows:

    Serving Size: 1 tsp (4g)
    Fat: 0g
    Calories: 12
    Total Carbohydrate: 3g
    Sugars: 2.8g

    1. Darn it! I just bought my first bottle 30 minutes ago, specifically because of the amazing nutrition information for 1 tablespoon. Now it defeats the purpose!

  4. I got it on I am hooked! but wow it's pricey!


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