Friday, September 4, 2015

Just Say YES (Five Minute Friday)

It's Five Minute Friday! This week, I have to admit that the Friday part of that is most appealing, but I'm also glad it's FMF.

Not my preparation, but it's similar

I was going to tell you a story about a time recently when the Lord led me to say Yes to something that's way, way outside my comfort zone.  But I've alluded to that before, so I decided to go with something that happened more recently.  It's not nearly as spiritual!

My husband was celebrating a major birthday.  Now, for my birthday, I want to go out for dinner.  He wants to have a special dinner at home.  No sloppy joes or macaroni and cheese this day.  I had a few ideas that were indulgent, and I decided to say Yes to those.

He wanted steak.  Okay.  I wanted to do more, though, because it's such a special occasion.  We've been looking around for fresh scallops, and we just found a seafood market where everything is perfectly fresh.  The scallops aren't soaked in preservatives, they're fresh off the boat (right here in New Jersey), and they cost the same as the slimy ones at the grocery store.

I also decided to make an appetizer that he probably hasn't had since our wedding:  sausage-stuffed mushrooms.  I do not like mushrooms, and the smell turns my stomach, but I did it anyway.  Just my luck, the mushrooms have to be baked twice (before assembly and after).  Ugh.

So on his birthday, I baked a chocolate cake.  My son and I went to the seafood market, where we got the most beautiful scallops I'd ever seen.  Large, pure white, and caught that morning.


I'm out of time already!  The dinner turned out great.  My husband was very, very happy to have his sausage-stuffed mushrooms, steak, scallops, and chocolate cake.  (Lest you think we have an abundance of money, let me tell you that this was a one-time thing!)  It was a ton of work, but his happiness made it more than worthwhile!

Five Minute Friday

photo credit: JOH_4930 via photopin (license)


  1. Memories are made from days like this! Sounds great.

  2. You chose the BEST YES, Melissa - and really? This story IS spiritual!!! FMF neighbor #54 (thanks for visiting me!)

  3. Love this
    He's lucky you made it for him even with your dislike. I'm sure he knew just how special that dinner was.

  4. Sounds fabulous! Happy birthday to the hubs.


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