Friday, August 21, 2015

Finding a New Me (Five Minute Friday)

I know it's been like, forever, since I've blogged anything except book and product reviews.  It must seem as though the blog has been on auto-pilot, and if you're still here, THANK YOU!

It's a new season in my life, and it fits well into the Five Minute Friday theme for today:  FIND.  So here we go:

It's a new season, a time of major transition, for my family and me.  With my son's high school graduation, we've reached the end of our homeschooling journey.  As he starts college, I'm realizing that I need to find my identity again.  I've been a homeschooling mom for 13 years ... now what?

Part of the transition has been cleaning out our school room.  We have years and years worth of books and papers and records and supplies.  It's overflowed into storage cabinets in another room, too.  Going through all of this has been a challenge (so much stuff!) but it's also been nostalgic.  When I see his first grade history book, I remember the fun we had with it.  It's hard to part with those things, but it's necessary.

Another part of the transition is cleaning up.  Housecleaning hasn't been my highest priority in these years, and our home looks lived-in--because it is!  I've kept up with the basics, but the deep-cleaning tasks have been neglected.  I'm trying to catch up with those.

I'm out of time already!   Can you believe it?!  Let me give you the short version of what I was going to write, okay?

As this is going on, I'm having to redefine my life.  Maybe refocus is a better word.  But God always provides and, as one door is closing, others are opening.  I've "stumbled upon" opportunities in ministry:  some short-term, some long-term.  (I've written about one of these already.)  Homeschooling has been wonderful (usually) and very rewarding (usually), but this is rewarding in a completely different way.

I'll have to write more another day!

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Five Minute Friday


  1. Praying He leads you gently into the next part of your journey. Please find comfort in knowing that although you are "finding a new you", He has always known exactly where you are. Have fun and enjoy Him!

    1. Thanks, Tondra Denise, for stopping by and for praying! God has been so good through this. First a friend asked, months ago, "What will you do next?" which started me thinking about it. Then God put into my heart a desire to help women grow in faith. And now He is opening the doors for me to do just that.

  2. 13 years of homeschool materials? Yikes, that would take a long time to go through! I'm glad you are refocusing and will be posting more! I think I'm #32 at #fmfparty!

  3. New beginnings will be coming your way. I love how God is already working in you by leading a bible study. What a blessing for you. Keep listening, keep walking through doors until they close and always hold God first in your heart. Weekend blessings!

  4. So excited for the new journey you will be starting. The journey of cleaning up the past will be nostalgic and bring back lots of great memories

  5. It's hard to imagine homeschooling for 13 years! Wow! What a blessing for your children. Enjoy your newfound 'free time.' It sounds as if you've already put it to good use sorting and organizing and cleaning (three of my least favorite things to do ;) ). May you continue to feel God's guidance as you seek the next adventure he has planned for you!


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