Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Be a Good in the World (Book Review & #Giveaway)

Hey, I guess I'm already doing something good:  I chose to receive a free review copy of Be a Good in the World as an ebook instead of a paperback!  At the end of this post you'll be able to enter to win a paperback copy of your own.

Be a Good in the World: 365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas, and Acts of Kindness, from author Brenda Knight, is described this way:
In the hurly burly of this busy world, simple kindness and goodness can get left behind in the rush to be first in line, to the top of the corporate ladder, and to have the most likes. But, what does it all mean at the end of the day? Isn't being a good person and making real contributions to the world more important than anything else? Author Brenda Knight, part of the team who made the world a better place with Random Acts of Kindness as well as a little more thankful with The Grateful Table, writes "At the end of life, I feel sure having lots of money, fancy cars, and real estate is not nearly as important as how much love you gave to the world." This realization was the inspiration for Be a Good in the World, a book of "good days" filled with ideas for making a difference.
Be a Good in the World contains 365 ideas for things we can do to better the world:  to improve someone's life, to help an animal, to keep the environment clean, or just to make someone smile.  Each month has a theme, such as "The Month of New Beginnings" for January.

Now, unless you have unlimited time and financial resources, you can't possibly do everything in this book.  But that's okay:  some are quick, easy, and free.  Choose the ones you like, the ones that tug at your heart.

This is a secular book.  You'll see references like "the whole Universe supporting you" (October 2) and possibly some worldviews you don't share.  I was able to sift out the parts with which I don't agree, but you should make your own decision.

Can I share some of the items I bookmarked?  (I see you nodding Yes.  Thanks.)
  • February 5:  Upon learning about the Veteran's History Project, I was reminded that our servicemen and -women are doing just that:  service.  And they should be thanked for it.  Many of these noble souls are very far away on active duty and receive little mail to their camp or barrack.  Take a few moments to acknowledge their contribution and offer a friendly hello from back home in the U.S.A.  You can learn all about Operation Write Home at operationwritehome.gov.  I have heard of great pen pal relationships that result from this gesture of gratitude.
  • February 27:  "When we are on track, living close to the things we deem important--the things we value--we feel happier. ... This is the kind [of happiness] that lingers in the background of our lives. ... [I]f we are living a values-based life, we are also living with meaning and purpose."  (a quote from Polly Campbell)
  • March 23:  Be a baby cuddler.  According to this excellent guide for volunteers at volunteerguide.org/hours/service-projects/baby-cuddlers, "Baby cuddlers are needed in orphanages, neonatal hospital units, group homes, nurseries, and wherever else there are babies and young children who may not have adequate human contact early in life to begin developing social interaction skills."  What could be better than helping a baby survive and thrive?
  • July 19:  Stop interrupting others when they are speaking. ...  Listening is an act of love.
  • November 29:  Adopting an animal is a serious commitment.  For those who aren't able to adopt, but still want to make a difference in the life of an abandoned animal, fostering is an excellent alternative. ...
Some of the ideas involve donating money to organizations, but I guess I bookmarked the ones that don't!  Quite a few of the ideas are eco-friendly, as well, but they weren't among the handful I marked.

Once I sifted out certain parts, I really liked Be a Good in the World.  Simple ideas like smiling at a stranger or listening attentively without interrupting can take little effort, yet they could change someone's day for the better.

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  1. These are great suggestions! I like the one you highlighted about the veterans. I'm married to a vet and we have vet friends and I'll tell you, their faces light up when their service is honored.

    Bless you,

  2. I agree with the one about our military. Even simple things like acknowledging the vets that wear the hats saying veteran. Most are never thanked for their sacrifices.

  3. This sounds like a really good book to implement something good in my life and in others' lives. Very nice review ;I like the examples ou shared.

  4. I like to bake for and visit others that otherwise have no visitors or are just having a hard time, listening goes a long way to make someone feel like not giving up that someone cares.

  5. I think by volunteering, asking how friends are doing, smiling at people.
    sunniewoodyplus2 atmsn.com

  6. My favorite way is to encourage people, even if I don't know them. Jesus loves everyone and I want them to know that.

  7. I like pointing out people's good qualities to them. It make us both feel good and they want to display more of those good qualities to others...win, win, win :)

  8. I like helping veterans and thanking them for their service.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  9. I like doing the 'pay it forward' every once in a while when I grab coffee :)

  10. Smiling at people and lending a helping hand when I see someone needs help.

  11. Treating people the way I want to be treated!

  12. I try to do a good deed daily.

  13. I love February 27: "When we are on track, living close to the things we deem important--the things we value--we feel happier. ... This is the kind [of happiness] that lingers in the background of our lives. ... [I]f we are living a values-based life, we are also living with meaning and purpose." (a quote from Polly Campbell) - See more at: http://www.frugalcreativity.com/2015/05/be-good-in-world-book-review-giveaway.html#sthash.D1n1zlXa.dpuf

  14. I try to treat people well and I give back to the community through donations and time.

    Les Johnson

  15. I give smiles and compliments all the time.

  16. Nicole LancasterMay 18, 2015 at 8:26 PM

    My favorite way to be good in the world is to leave change at a vending machine for the next person or pay for a meal for the person behind me. I also do lots of volunteer work too.

  17. I"m always on the look-out to help others, but the easiest way to make the world a better place is just to smile at people and recognize that we are all humans and need each other.

  18. I'm trying to be an advocate for those without a voice. I'm trying to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking. I'm volunteering with a local program for women that have been rescued from sex trafficking.

  19. My favorite way is to be nice to people.


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