Friday, April 3, 2015

My One Word Update: 3 Months

So my "One Word" for 2015 is Simplicity.  Now that we're three months into the year, I thought it would be good to post a status report.  This is just as much for my own accountability as to keep you up to date!

The first part of my plan was to declutter the house.  My husband is much better at this than I am!  Sorting things into Keep, Donate, and Toss piles would be at the bottom of any "Things I Feel Like Doing" list that I would make.  So how's it going?

It's going, but slowly.

This week I spent some time in the basement.  Over the years we've been quick to store things there, because we had the space.  We saved the egg tray from our refrigerator, even though we'll never use it.  Into the trash.  We had the opportunity to give away an old set of dishes to a young couple moving to the area.  Not everything has been so easy to let go.

One of the things I picked up this week was a basket of things from our dog, who's been gone for more than 15 years.  I found her first collar, the papers from when she was hospitalized, and some of her toys.  I pictured her shaking that rope toy.  I couldn't part with any of that.

While I keep working slowly on the basement, my next goal is to clean up our dining room.  For 14 years it has been our school room.  Now that our homeschooling journey is coming to an end, I need to organize the paperwork from this year.  I can discard the books that we'll never use again.  Besides having a clean room, the bonus will be space to work on crafting!

The second part of my plan was to eat more real food.  We were very good about that for a while, but it has faded.  We're still eating vegetables, though quite a few have been frozen.  We're eating more chicken and less beef (part of that is because the price of beef has increased so much!).  We use more beans--especially now that I've discovered how quickly and easily they can be cooked in the pressure cooker.  And we're buying whole-grain bread.

I personally have been making a serious effort to eat less junk food, in a way that I can sustain.  Instead of completely eliminating carbs (as if I could do that!) or taking some other drastic measure, I'm just cutting back.  I still eat ice cream when I want to, just a smaller portion.  I don't feel deprived at all.  I've also become very aware of how often I eat when I feel stressed.  Once I identified the connection, breaking that wasn't hard.

Anyway, since the beginning of January I have dropped 18 pounds.  I had to buy a new pair of jeans (plus a handbag and shoes, of course).  I found great bargains on all of that, too, so it's a win-win!  I can fit into some of my old dresses.  I'd need new navy shoes and a handbag if I want to wear them.  I don't know why I bought so many "Dry Clean Only" dresses.  (Well, that was before I was married.  Who thought about a few dollars here or there?)  And I'm not sure that coat dresses from the 90's are ready to be considered vintage.  But in any case, it's been encouraging to be able to wear some of the clothes that have been hanging in the back of my closet for years!
This one is black, but nearly all of the others are navy.
Did you choose "One Word" for 2015?  How's it going?


  1. I guess my word for 2015 would be change...
    So many things are changing... We are getting back in church ( I am thankful for that) we are expecting a baby. We are dealing with change all around us.
    Hope you have a great Easter.

    1. This is an exciting time of change for you! Keeping you all in prayer. Happy Easter!


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