Friday, February 6, 2015

Burning Down the House - Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday!  This week the prompt is KEEP, and it just happens to fit in with a post I've been thinking about writing.  In fact, I wrote the first three sentences yesterday before I had to start doing something else.


Imagine that you have to evacuate your home quickly, and you will not be able to return.  Assume that all people and animals are out and safe.  What five things would you grab on the way out?

I'm going to cheat a little bit here, because I know that my husband would pick up the important things like financial paperwork and insurance papers.  That wouldn't be a fun post, anyway.  My five things are sentimental ones:
  1. Our scrapbooks.  I've documented every important event in our lives in these books, and they're irreplaceable.
  2. My family history notebooks.  My sister and I have spent many hours gathering this information.  Some of it is irreplaceable because it came from relatives who are no longer living.  I especially treasure the old photographs and a note from my father-in-law.
  3. Quilts.  We have two handmade quilts that are precious.  My sister made a quilt for my son.  It's not only special for that reason, but it's cool that she used fabrics that are suitable not only for the preschooler he was then, but also for the young man he is now.  And my friend Meri made me a smaller quilt to use when I'm reading.  It's a great match for our family room furniture, but mostly it's precious because she made it.
  4. Old greeting cards.  I just sorted through boxes of these and discarded a few.  But I couldn't part with some from my childhood, some from special people, some from relatives who aren't with us anymore.
  5. My engagement ring.  I don't wear it often, because I'm always banging it against something.  However, it's precious to me because of what it represents.
What would you save?



  1. Oh, how beautiful. I too would grab photos, some old hockey "sweaters" (jerseys) and the fire box. WHY?

    All I have left of Kyle are photos, old hockey sweaters (they don't stink anymore--odd, I kinda miss that rank smell now 7 years later...) and the fire box, because HIS LETTERS are in there.


    Yet I am NOT to idolize him, his memory or his STUFF. I am to praise Jesus for showing me Kyle dancing with Jesus.

  2. I would keep my computer since it has all my photographs on it, as well as a play and half written novel! It's funny how this question helps us narrow down what's really important in life.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Susan, I can relate--I lost my son too. All his stuff is precious to me but looking forward most of all to when I can see him again.

  4. Yes my photos, so many of my family have passed, these cannot be replaced!
    my purse
    my phone
    my coat
    my thanks,
    because those I love are with me on the exit.

  5. What a great take on the prompt :)! I would grab my computer and external drives (all my photos reside there). I'd grab my camera bag. I'd grab the cracked bean pot that belonged to my great-grandma. I'd take the quilt that I hand quilted (queen-sized--what was I thinking?) and...I can't think of anything else!

  6. I like your saves. I'm like you, I would save the albums and scrapbooks, my laptop, family papers from my grandmother and grandfather... hmmm, you have me thinking now. Maybe all of these things should be together so I can get out quickly!

  7. I am with you on the sentimental things..
    I would grab the flag marc flew over Afghanistan for us...
    I would also grab my photo albums.
    My laptop / camera (since all my photos are on there)
    my quilt my grandma made me and the one she made Broxton

  8. I love all the lists.
    1. Take as much medicine for me to deal with my MS
    2. IPhone
    3. glasses
    4. Handbag that has my purse
    5. My Bible


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