Friday, January 30, 2015

Waiting, Waiting (Five Minute Friday)

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Setting my timer for five minutes....


So much of the Christian life seems to be about waiting.

We wait for answers to prayer.  That is, we wait for the answers we WANT.  Sometimes the Lord has said No and we refuse to hear it, so we just keep waiting.  We forget, sometimes, that His answer is always better than ours.

Do you know the Garth Brooks song, "Unanswered Prayers"?  The idea is that "I thank God for unanswered prayers," because what actually happened was much better than what he'd prayed for.

But other times we just wait.  We wait for test results.  We wait for healing.  We wait for a loved one to come to Jesus.  We wait for the rain to stop--literally and figuratively.

Waiting can be frustrating because we don't know how long we might be waiting.  I'm not good at it, so for me it always takes too long. :)

I know, however, that the Lord's answers, the Lord's timing, are always best.  And frankly, I don't know what's best in the Big Picture.  So as I wait and pray for our needs and for His will to be done, I pray for patience.  Waiting is still hard, but I know that He is beside me all the way.


Are you good at waiting?  How do you handle it?


  1. I'm definitely not one who enjoys waiting although I force myself to attempt to do so without too much frustration. Just one of the daily struggles, I guess. Visiting from 5 Minute Friday. Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, waiting is hard yet I'm learning there is always a lesson to learn and in that there is peace knowing He holds it all together! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I have to take a big breath or more than one, if I have to wait. During this time, I tell myself to "let go" and "let God". Not always an easy command to obey.........

  4. I am not that great at waiting, but I am getting better about it. Marc is HORRIBLE about it. He has absolutely NO patience at all.

  5. I'm not a good 'waiter' , but I'm learning! by nature I am impulsive and impatient--so God's had lots to work with ;).


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