Friday, January 23, 2015

Share (Five Minute Friday)

Again I'm late with my Five Minute Friday post.  Last week the post was written, but then I had to rush out the door and couldn't post it until later.  Today I saw the prompt and was just not feeling it until now.

You know the drill:  Free-write for five minutes, no major editing, no perfectionism.  Today the prompt is SHARE.


Some things are easy to share:  a smile, a recipe, a story, a joke.

Some things aren't so easy. Chocolate might be on that list. ;)  And some things can be downright hard to share.

I've been able to share my heart with close friends since I was young.  As teens, my friend Meri and I would share our deepest secrets and dreams.  We still do.

But then I got burned a few times, and sharing my heart became more difficult.  "I'm good, how are you?"  After carrying around the burden of depression for many years, I've learned to fake it when necessary.  But depression is also what led me to learn again to trust people enough to share my heart.

I started counseling.  And obviously that's not going anywhere if I just keep saying, "Everything's fine," when obviously it isn't!  It took me a while to trust, but once I did, it was such a blessing to be able to unburden myself in a safe place.  In return I was encouraged and strengthened and given sound advice.

With whom are you able to share your heart?  What benefits do you see?


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  1. I can completely understand this entry (and also having a little trouble not feeling the prompt... I had to come back to it, too).

    I've always had a harder time trusting - it's a self-protection thing I learned in childhood. And depression definitely hurts my ability to share. A lot of times, though, I think the hardest part is trying to figure out exactly how to verbalize what is wrong - because if I can't express it, it's nearly impossible TO share.

    Blessings to you!
    - Melissa

  2. A great share! I'm able to share my heart with my oldest daughter (some things I may have to keep to myself), my best friends (Michael & Frankie) and my boyfriend Michael. I'm learning more and more to share with him as I've discovered he plans on being around for the duration and loves me unconditionally.

  3. I am enjoying your 5 minute reads. Also a fun way to get to know you better. thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing this entry! You have a beautiful heart, personality... For those who didn't respect and honor your deepest thoughts lost much opportunity to knowing you better and having a good, trustworthy friend.

  5. Ironic how we had some of the same thoughts about trust and share. Love the layout of your blog. I'll take a tour 'cause I'm always looking for ways to create without spending much. from 5M5

  6. It is hard to open up and share with people... I know it, but you find a few that you can confide in and it makes it all better...


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