Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Word 2015: Simplicity

For both 2013 and 2014, my One Word was Peace. Although I can't say I've fully achieved that, I have made progress.

In thinking about my One Word for 2015, I hadn't reached a decision before I visited Melynda's blog, Our Sunday Cafe.  Then it seemed as though the Lord smacked me upside the head:  This is your word for 2015!

In a way, simplicity is a step toward peace. With a simpler approach, I would be less overwhelmed. Fewer belongings to manage, fewer items to purchase, fewer things to do. For my family, moving toward simplicity will have two major components.

Some stand-up comedian used to say that we accumulate "stuff" to fill the space we have, and this has definitely been my experience.  When I was single I moved from half a bedroom--I shared with my sister--to a one-bedroom apartment.  Years later, it was full of "stuff."  Of course I needed furniture and basic kitchen tools, sheets and towels, food and household cleaning products.  My books took up two full-height bookcases.  I even added an extra cabinet in the kitchen and a clothing rack in the bedroom.

My husband and I first rented a two-bedroom condo.  While we lived there we had a baby, which justifies some of the additional "stuff."  But even so, we acquired more furniture, more clothes, more pots and pans and kitchen gadgets, and so on.  In less than two years we filled that space.

We built a four-bedroom house.  We needed more furniture and accumulated more kitchen tools, especially small appliances.  We started an emergency supply of food and water.  We stocked up on paper products on sale.  And, of course, a growing child needs new toys, a new bed, another dresser, a nightstand, and a bookcase or three.

In trying to be frugal--"We might have a use for that someday"--we saved everything.  Pulleys?  They'd be good for a science lesson!  Greeting cards from 1997?  We might want to look at them again!  Newspapers from 9/11?  Good to keep for the future!  We saved the bassinet, the crib, some clothes with sentimental value.  Someday our grandchildren might use them!  You get the idea.

So now the task is to clean out a lot of this accumulated "stuff."  We've given away some of the usable things like bed sheets and outgrown clothes.  We just tossed a 56K internal computer modem.  (Somewhere I might still have my 300 baud acoustic coupler.)

We started cleaning up on Saturday.  My husband and son started with a closet, and I started in the bathroom.  They nearly filled two trash cans, and I must have discarded at least 50 free product samples and expired items.

Eat More Real Food

We usually cook at home and we usually cook from scratch.  Now we're going to start eating better--more vegetables, more whole grains; less refined flour, less sugar, less red meat.

So my One Word for 2015 is Simplicity.  What's yours?

For more information about the One Word concept, visit My One Word (faith-based) or One Word 365 (secular, as far as I can tell).

photo credit (clutter): modern-mami via photopin cc
photo credit (vegetables): kattebelletje via photopin cc


  1. Thank you so much for the nice compliment about your visit to Our Sunday Cafe. Through the years it has been fun and enjoyable to visit the other's blog and read about what is happening or what is in the works for the future. Happy 2015 to you and yours!

  2. I need to work on all the clutter as well... I have a big issue with getting rid of things (for sentimental reason)
    Hope 2015 is a great one for you!


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