Saturday, October 18, 2014

Taste: The Carb Debate - 31 Days

I have heard many, many positive things about a low-carb diet.  Most recently I heard someone say that he cut out carbs and lost 30 pounds in six months.  Sounds pretty good.

However ... these are my five favorite foods that come to mind:
  1. Chocolate
  2. Pasta
  3. Bread
  4. Salty snacks
  5. Cake
If I give up all of those, I will not be happy--or pleasant to live with!

But beyond that, I have another concern.  I've heard from multiple sources that consuming carbs increases the level of serotonin in our bodies.  Serotonin is the natural chemical that gives us a sense of well-being.  I am already taking a medication to boost serotonin levels, so why would I want to eliminate the food that helps my body produce it?

I would be happy to lose 30 pounds in six months, but not at the sacrifice of serotonin and the serenity it brings.  I don't see a low-carb diet in my short-term future.  I can certainly appreciate what it's done for some people, but no pasta?  No cake?  No chocolate?

What do you think?  Have you tried a low-carb diet?  What have been your experiences?

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  1. I would love to go on a no carb / low carb diet.... but i just love it tooooooo much... i know that is wrong, but just speaking the truth


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