Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stuck - 31 Days

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The writing prompt for today is STUCK.

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Years ago--maybe more than twenty years ago--I was driving home from work and I decided to stop for Chinese take-out.  I stopped at a strip mall that wasn't familiar to me, and somehow I started driving around the back of the building.  The unpaved part of the parking lot, as I soon learned.

As soon as I got behind about the second store, my tires got stuck in mud.  I tried everything I'd learned, like rocking the car back and forth and slipping a piece of cardboard under the tires.  (Sometimes it's good to have a cluttered trunk.)  No matter what I tried, I was spinning my wheels and getting deeper and deeper in the mud.

Finally I gave up and called for a tow truck.  By the time it arrived, my hazard lights had just about drained the battery.  But the car was towed and soon I was on my way.

It reminds me of getting "stuck" in a figurative sense.  Ever get to a place where you think you're doing everything right, but you're just spinning your wheels?  Sometimes things just "click" and we're able to get out of the muck.  But sometimes, I think, we have to call for help.

Inside my kitchen cabinet I have a list of phone numbers.  Marked "In Case of Emergency," it includes family members and friends I can depend on to help get me "unstuck."

What is your plan for times when you're stuck?


  1. Ah, there are those days when we're just "stuck". Great idea to enlist the help of our "in case of emergency" people. My adult daughter is my first go-to, she seems to always know how to give me both a dose of love and concern but also a kick in the rear if it's needed! :)

  2. I have a number of good friends who are more than willing to give me a push to get me "unstuck". When they are not available, as trivial as this sounds, putting on some praise music often gets me going. And my husband is a great motivator, too. Good things to think about!

  3. I think we all get stuck from time to time... for me, I just need a friend to listen to me vent for a minute and then things get better....
    (Side note - we were STUCK in the snow once... up on a mountain... lol, good memories!)

  4. Oh, boy! Do I ever get stuck some times. I love your idea of making a "In case of emergency' list for people to call or things to do when I'm feeling stuck. Thank you for linking up and for sharing your inspiring, to go make my list!


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