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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sharing the Love - 31 Days

Monday has been a hectic day, so I'm totally going to stretch the writing prompt for Tuesday.  I'm taking a SECOND to tell you about some of the best bloggers I've met through 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes and 31 Days.

This post took quite a bit longer than five minutes, because of interruptions and the links I'm including.  I'm giving myself some grace, and I'll get back to the five-minute limit tomorrow!  Here we go:

Somehow I didn't meet Kristin, who participates in Five Minute Friday, until now.  At the incredible k she's writing a series for her Encourage Daily Campaign.  She's sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always encouraging.

Anita at Blessed but Stressed is writing a series called 31 Days of Encouragement for Caregivers.  Even though I'm not a caregiver, I've been appreciating her posts.  Yesterday she posted about hope, and it's been one of my favorites so far.

Just recently I've discovered Jen at Growing in Faith.  She's writing 31 Days of Moments in Africa.  She's a real storyteller, and I think you'll like her, too. Don't miss her post about the spider.

And then there's Abby, whose series is Snapshots:  Soul of a Nation -- Hungary.  She shares stories and photos that go far beyond what you would find on a tourism website--stories about real people, real trials, real joy.

Finally, I can't forget about Kate Motaung, who is hosting 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.  She's writing 31 Days of Life in South Africa.  So far she's shared about her arrival in South Africa, the theft of her car, her wedding, and more.

I hope you'll check out some of these bloggers, if only just to say Hi!

If you'd like to catch up on my 31 Days posts, please click here.


  1. How sweet of you to include me in your group of favorites :). I've loved how I'm suddenly 'meeting' people I've never run into before during all of my FMFParty visits and FMF free writes :). I'm looking forward to November so that I can go back and read all of the series that I've pinned in sequential order. I have A LOT of reading to do!

  2. i am headed over to check out the caregiver one.. since my grandaddy has been dealing with Alzheimers for a couple years now, this might be what my mom and aunt need to read...


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