Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life Adjustments - 31 Days

Five minute free write!  No major editing, no perfectionism allowed.  The writing prompt for today is ADJUST.


Adjustment makes me think of change.  Change can be hard, even when the change is good.

My husband and I met, married, had a baby, and built a house within about two years.  That's a lot of change in a little time!

Just getting married was a major change for me.  I'd been living alone for many years.  I was used to having that freedom:  waking up (on weekends) when I wanted, cooking what I wanted, staying out late if I wanted, doing what I wanted to do.  Suddenly I had another person to consider.  Big, big change.

Of course having a baby was another major change.  At first he had to be fed every two hours, which left me little time to sleep; forget about sleeping late any day!  I also left my job to stay home with him, which was another big change.  Giving up my own income was a leap of faith.

Moving into the new house?  Well, we hadn't completely unpacked from our last move, which helped.  It was still a huge project, especially with an eight-month-old, who happened to be getting his first teeth on moving day.

Even though these changes were positive ones, they all required adjustment.  Sometimes we welcome the change, and sometimes we have no say about it!  Either way, adjustment takes time and an acceptance of uncertainty.


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  1. I know what you mean about adjustment and change... I am set in my ways about things and disruption isn't always welcome... but we make the best of what we are dealt with :)


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