Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Honorable Life - 31 Days

Today the writing prompt for 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is HONOR.  That word reminds me of a well-known or accomplished person getting an award or a hero receiving a medal.  Instead, I'd like to tell you about another extraordinary person.


She stirred the sauce and glanced at the clock.  Soon her family would be home for dinner.

Elizabeth could not know that, just a few blocks away, her husband lay crushed under a locomotive.  He'd been a conductor on that train.

Suddenly widowed, she had four children plus one on the way.

Five months later, my grandfather was born.

Elizabeth raised her five children, then two of her grandchildren.  To make ends meet, she took in a boarder and worked as a housekeeper.  She was known as the one who cooked for everyone.  She was the one who fixed up the cuts and scrapes of the neighborhood kids.  I have never heard that she complained or bemoaned her "bad luck."

I hope to meet her in heaven someday.  I hope she'll tell me how she did it--how she handled her abrupt loss and how she endured the years of unrelenting work of raising children as a single mother.

I hope I have the opportunity to tell her just how extraordinary I think she is.

Who is an extraordinary ordinary person in your life?


Note:  This is a true story, except for the part about stirring the sauce.

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  1. I like that you chose an everyday hero, so to speak. Sometimes me miss the extraordinary people who are apart of our lives or our history. I have a few grandmothers who went through very similar circumstances. When my mom was 10 her father was killed in a car accident. My mom is the oldest of seven. When I was 9 my dad was killed when his 18-wheeler blew a tire and flipped over.

    Reading about your Great grandmother opened my eyes to how difficult it must have been in that day and time being a single mom with seven children. And even though my mom only had me and my brother, who was already an adult by that time, it still must have been very difficult.

    This is a really good post for your five-minute prompts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Honor can mean many things and I am glad you took the time to honor and remember her!
    I loved how you started it, with the stirring the sauce... Sounded like I was about to start a great book.
    I would say for my honor I would obviously pick my husband for all he has done, not only for our family.. but the country...
    Another one? My grandaddy. *Both actually...
    One came over from Italy (as a child) and became a very successful person in our community... raising a great family.
    The other was a farmer and was a great leader in the church and community also raising a great family...
    I think honor also has to take into account what you appreciate it life... like for me - FAMILY>


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