Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Siobhan's Beat: Sisters in Spirit (Book Review)

I hope you didn't miss my review of Aileen's Song, the first title in the Sisters in Spirit series by Marianne Evans.  If you did, you might want to go back to catch the beginning of this series as well as a description of the new Pure Amore imprint from Pelican Book Group.

I'm happy to have the opportunity to review, at no cost to me, the other three books in the Sisters in Spirit set.  Book 2 is Siobhan's Beat.  This is the publisher's description:
Has the dream ended before it's begun? Tragedy strikes the Sisters in Spirit, presenting a challenge the likes of which God alone can shape into goodness.
Siobhan Douglas can't carry a tune–but her expressive, joy-filled dances give Sisters in Spirit its unique presence with a delightful energy that flows straight from Siobhan's soul. Celebrating a recording contract has turned to horror following a car accident that leaves Siobhan broken–physically and emotionally. 
Orthopedic surgeon AJ Cooper is driven by the world of healing. He even thought he was fulfilled–until Siobhan. He's never met a more enchanting and determined patient. He's never been more tempted to leave behind a career-centered focus... 
But Siobhan battles demons the likes of which she's never encountered and she's certainly not going to complicate her life further by falling in love with her doctor. Dancing was her gift. Why would God take it away? Is she not meant to be part of the Sisters in Spirit? 
Can Coop's healing hands and ready heart pave the way for Siobhan to recover not just in body, but in spirit as well?
 Siobhan's Beat opens with the car accident that breaks her world in half and raises many questions about the future, not just for her but also for Sisters in Spirit, the performing group that she and her three best friends have formed.  Dance is a center of her life:  she dances with the group, she teaches at her studio, and she dances for the pure joy of it.  After the accident she faces the possibility that she'll never be able to dance again.  Under the care of Dr. AJ Cooper and with the support of her family and friends, Siobhan faces this uncertain future.

This is a sweet story of budding romance.  Its plot examines the questions of why God allows us to face trials and how He brings good out of those trials.  Another theme is the friendship among the four young women.  I recommend this book, as I did Aileen's Song, especially for teen and young adult women.

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Stay tuned for reviews of the remaining two books in the Sisters in Spirit set:  Kassidy's Crescendo and Maeve's Symphony.


  1. Thank you so much for the LOVELY review!! I'm honored!!! <3 You're a blessing, and I appreciate you!!!

  2. This sounds like a great book! I know I too have found myself questioning things... and I know it is wrong, glad to see I am not alone.

  3. What an intriguing book! Thanks for the thoughtful review.

  4. It sure is, Petula! I'm honored by Melissa's review! So glad you stopped by!! Hope you enjoy the series!!

    1. You're welcome! And I'll check out the series soon. Good luck with sales and reviews!

  5. Hi, Noelle - I'm so glad to meet you!! :-) Questioning is such a natural (almost necessary) part of our faith walk and life is Christians, isn't it? Trust sounds so easy, but it's tough sometimes...hope you enjoy the series, and God bless!!!

  6. Hi there, Blestbutstrest - (what a great handle! LOL!) I'm so glad you took the time to stop by!! Melissa is an awesome reviewer!! God bless, and let me know what you think of the book if you get a chance to read it!! <3


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