Friday, August 29, 2014

Reach: Five Minute Friday

It's the end of the work week, which means it's time for Five Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Motaung at heading home.  For all the details, click through here to Kate's blog.

Today the writing prompt is REACH.


The mission statement for our church is about loving those in our church family, reaching our community with the love of Christ, and spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

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Loving those in our church family is easy.  We're a lovable bunch. :)  Really, we're family, and it's not hard to love family.

Spreading the Gospel around the world isn't the hardest part.  We send and support missionaries who do a wonderful job of loving and serving people as well as sharing the Gospel.

The challenge for us is reaching into our community.  How do you reach a community that wants for nothing?  (Seriously, if you have any ideas, please let me know.)  We have a weekly soup kitchen; we do service projects for individuals and organizations; we give clothes and school supplies to those who need them; we send teams to impoverished areas to provide food, clothing, and hope.  The challenge is reaching everyone else--people in an affluent community who don't need those kinds of help..  We have programs for children:  VBS, a harvest event, an Easter event.  Youth from outside of the church are always welcome at youth group.  But what about the rest of the people and the rest of the year?



  1. You raise an important question: how to reach affluent people. One thing that comes to my mind is love. Everybody needs love. And prayer. Visiting via FMF. Thank you! And blessings upon blessings!

  2. Thank you for visiting me today so I could read this. As a former pastor's wife, we had that problem at one time, reaching the affluent. Jesus said it would be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom but He didn't say it wasn't possible OR that they weren't wanted! I agree it is difficult to find things that they are interested in...and I am all for programs. But nothing replaces the preached Word and the presence of God. If people can come into our assemblies and FEEL the power of God, if there are miracles, signs and wonders being manifested, if lives are being changed...word will get around your neighborhood. People will begin talking about what is happening, people are getting saved, delivered, set free from addictions and being filled with the Spirit, baptized and their lives literally CHANGED. That is NEWS and news travels :) Also, I think if we train the people on the pews to NOT just be people on the pews, lol, that is huge! Train them to be disciples and not to rely on the pastor and staff to do all of the work. Everyone is a minister and everyone has received a command from Jesus to "Go and preach..." I am praying with you for your church, your desire is noticed by God! Surely people are hungry for God, for something real, in this ever-changing world. ♥

  3. Reaching the affluent. Great point!

    I do think love and genuine friendships are key here. Showing people that you are invested in them as a person and introducing them to a God who is even more personal still.

    Well put.

  4. I've heard someone say once. A well person doesn't know they need Jesus when He is presented to them as the healer. A rich person doesn't know they need Jesus when He is presented to them as the provider. Meet them where they are. Maybe there's a need for mothers. Maybe there's a need for people who want to get healthy. Maybe the men need to just be men and grunt and scratch LOL...I think you see where I'm going with this.

    Bless you, I'll be praying for you and with you. There is certainly a need. Ask Jesus to give you His eyes, ears and heart. He'll show you who and how! God bless you

  5. That is a great question...
    We do lots for the community ---
    but most are geared towards children... and then offer Bible Studies for the parents while kid events are going on


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