Friday, August 8, 2014

(Re)-Filled by Love - Five Minute Friday

Welcome to Five Minute Friday with our brand-new hostess, Kate Motaung at heading home!  Click through her name to find out what FMF is all about.  I hope you'll join this band of fearless writers.  (Gotta be fearless to write without editing, right?)

Today's prompt:


My first thought was of how I was going to fill this page.  But then I thought about the ways in which God is re-filling me, making me new and whole again.  Yesterday I was really listening to the lyrics to "Overwhelmed," the new song from Big Daddy Weave.
I hear the sound of Your Voice
All at once it's a gentle and thundering noise oh God
All that You are is so overwhelming
I delight myself in You
Captivated by Your beauty
I'm overwhelmed, I'm overwhelmed by You
When I'm empty, He restores me.  If I let His love wash over me, He fills up every empty spot, every broken place.

For me, this usually looks like praise music.  Playing it loud, singing along (even as badly as I sing), and just immersing myself in the Lord's presence.  He refills me when I allow myself to be overwhelmed by Him.  It's a beautiful place to be.



  1. Visiting from FMF. I know that song, and what you mean.

  2. I love how music and lyrics can overwhelm us and bring tears to our eyes and fill us with exactly what we need in God's perfect timing.

  3. Nice. Thanks for introducing me to that song.

  4. I love Big Daddy Weave. And I am enjoying our visits back and forth. God is good to have brought our paths alongside each other ...

  5. how fitting that your word is FILL
    since I got the card from you and you FILLED my heart with happiness and our house with a smile on my face all day long...
    How did you remember? Thank you so very much... you really don't know how much that meant to me...

  6. I love BDW - my fill 'er up song is Redeemed!


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