Friday, August 1, 2014

A New Beginning

Two new beginnings, actually:  one for Five Minute Friday (which, starting next week, will be hosted by Kate Motaung), and one for me. I'll get back to that in a moment.

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Flickr user clevercupcakes
Today is, as my husband so thoughtfully worded it, the first day of my sixth decade.  I went to bed last night discouraged as I thought about the last decade.

My fifth decade wasn't all that great.  I had some trials, mostly medical.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 0) and my depression worsened significantly.

But that decade was also a time of blessings for me.  I beat that cancer and have been without it for three years now.  I started getting help--first through counseling, then through doctors--for my depression.  It's finally beginning to seem under control.

It's been a time of spiritual growth, too.  Through these trials, Christ has drawn me closer to Him.  I spend more time in prayer and praise.  I participate in a Bible study now.  I have been blessed to pray for others in need and to give support to women going through similar trials.  In that sense, it's been a wonderful, amazing decade.

Only the Lord knows what this new decade holds.  I know, however, that I can trust in Him to redeem whatever trials He chooses to allow in my life.  And so I woke up this morning encouraged by that knowledge.


Five Minute Friday


  1. Yes!! I too have walked through some difficult trials, and often wish it would have been or could be different but am trusting in His plan for each new step as I begin to move forward!!

  2. Beautifully written. I can totally relate. It is good to know that you're coming out on the other side and that the next decade is exactly what you said, a new (and wonderful) beginning.

  3. Congratulations on reaching a new milestone and happy birthday, Melissa! It sounds like your last decade was rough--but how wonderful that you can see God's hand guiding you through the tough times. May he continue to guide you and comfort you through your new decade of life!

  4. Dear Melissa ... I resonate with much of your story! I'm so glad we have gotten to rub shoulders a bit today.

    And I sure would love to share those cupcakes and a sparkling glass of iced tea with you right about now.

    Thanks for coming on over and introducing yourself ...

  5. Kristin, I know! I often wish for different circumstances, but I know the Lord will use these trials for something beautiful. It's just hard while we're still on the rocky roads.

  6. Thanks, Petula! You certainly have challenges of your own. I'm praying that you're close to the beginning of a new chapter, too.

  7. Thanks for your visit and your encouragement, Anita!

  8. Linda, thanks for stopping by! Those cupcakes do look good, don't they? I'm glad to have "met" you today. :)

  9. Here is to the MOST AWESOME decade yet... I thought you celebrated in August too.. :)
    Hope that God continues to bless you and continue to pull you closer to him.


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