Monday, July 28, 2014

On Turning 50: 5 Things I've Learned

Pretty soon I'm going to have one of those milestone birthdays.  I'll be turning 39 ... for the 12th time.  So now that I'm old, I wanted to share some of what I've learned over these many years.  If only I knew these things much earlier!

  1. My parents are usually right.  They're not perfect (who is?), but they did a good job in handling all of the challenging stages of my life.  I might be responsible for a few of their gray hairs.  When I was 15 I thought they didn't know much--especially what it was like to be a teenager!--but since then they've learned a lot.  And just maybe I've learned that being a parent is hard, and I've realized that they always did their best.

  2. I've walked away from God, and I've walked with God.  Walking with Him is better.  Dealing with the consequences of my sin, and living with the uneasiness that more consequences might surface, had become a full-time job.  What a gift it is to receive forgiveness for my sins and to learn a better way to live!

     "Through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin, a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses." (Acts 13:39)

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  3. Carrying a grudge is way too burdensome to be worth the effort.  Staying mad at someone who hurt me consumes my energy.  The people who hurt me half a lifetime ago probably don't even think about me.  Why should they be occupying space in my head?

    "For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." (Matthew 6:14-15)

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  4. Extending grace to others may require a battle with my own will, but it's always the right thing to do.  Occasionally--just occasionally--someone might get on my nerves.  If I'm doing it right, which usually means that I'm remembering the grace that God extended to me, I can let it go.

    "You won’t be shocked, disappointed, disillusioned, or angry when others mess up. You will accept them for who they are: sinners, like you, desperately in need of God’s grace and your love." (Dr. Robert Petterson)

  5. Always say Yes to chocolate.  I don't mean to eat the whole cake or the entire 7-ounce Hershey bar, but a little chocolate makes everything better.

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  1. Totally agree on all points!

    Although, I didn't cause any gray hairs. My sister did enough for both of us. LOL

  2. This list is spot on.... Turning 35 in a couple weeks has taught me that as well! Thanks for sharing this so that others may learn!!!!
    Happy early birthday!!!

  3. Happy 50th Birthday, Melissa! A lot of great lessons learned. Thanks for sharing them. :) I love the art journal page about His love making us free!


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