Friday, July 25, 2014

Finishing Well #fmfparty

I woke up early and energetic with the realization that today is Five Minute Friday.  FMF is a group of writers who get together each Friday to write just for the joy of it.  We write for five minutes, quit, and (theoretically, anyway) never look back.  You might see typos and grammatical missteps--and I always forget how to remove the frame from images--but you'll also see my heart.  Because it's often in the editing that I pull out the bits that seem too personal or too revealing.

We link up at Lisa-Jo's blog and visit one another to offer encouragement.

In a couple of weeks Lisa-Jo will be passing the baton to her friend Kate Motaung, but for now we're meeting at Lisa-Jo's place on the web.


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It's been a long and tiring--but excellent--week at Vacation Bible School.  I've been volunteering in the kitchen, which gets very, very warm.  And with my medical problems and meds, heat is not a good thing.  Today the thought of not going crossed my mind.  It would be easy to stay home, sit in the air-conditioning, and read.

But I won't.  Aren't these children worth a few more hours of my time and effort?  Aren't my fellow kitchen volunteers worth a few more hours?  Of course the answer to both is YES.

I'm a perfectionist, and with that comes a tendency not to finish projects.  It won't be perfect, but if I never finish, I never have to see that lack of perfection.  This week I'd think about the times that I had to escape the heat with a cup of ice water, just to cool off.  But if I don't go today, that will be the biggest red mark of all.

So I'm going to give it the strongest finish I can.  Because I'm doing this not just for the kids and the other volunteers, but for the Lord.  And yes, it's worth it.


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Five Minute Friday


  1. Melissa - Good for you! Going strong! VBS is surely not for the faint of heart. I am happy for you that you will finish :) Visiting from FMF & I think this is my first visit to your site so nice to "meet" you! Have a great Friday!

  2. You are better than me...I went to VBS one day because my mom needed to go to the doctor but uh I was too lazy to get up the other days. I miss VBS being in the evenings lol

    I can say she didn't really need my help the other days.I did help a lot with the prep work with cutting stuff out and such that she needed help with.

  3. so glad you made yourself go...
    but, I know what you mean about the heat... i feel for you.....

  4. Oh yes, the heat with the meds is the worse. Some times having I've water helps. I'm glad you were able to go, I probably would have as well especially since I'd made a commitment to do it.

    Your five-minute Friday post is great!


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