Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Ultimate Debt Forgiveness

Easter is my favorite holiday.  Doesn't it sort of encapsulate everything we as Christians believe?
'Palm Sunday Cross' photo (c) 2007, NapInterrupted - license:
This past Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday, a remembrance of when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem as King.  As is customary, we received palm leaves at church.  I like to fashion them into a cross to represent the week from Palm Sunday through Good Friday and Easter.  This is a week to remember just what Christ suffered for our benefit.  For how many people would you lay down your life?  Jesus did that voluntarily for me and for you.  It's almost more than I can comprehend.  Do we ever take that in stride?  Taking communion is certainly a reminder, but do we think of Christ's tremendous sacrifice more frequently than that?  Do we get desensitized to the beating, the blood, the pain, the humiliation of that sacrifice?  If so, what does that mean for our spiritual walk?

I am by no means perfect in this (or any!) regard, but if I'm drifting, Easter week brings me back on track.  What brings you back to focus in your walk with Christ?

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  1. How thankful I am that Jesus paid for my sins. I can now have peace with God. I too love Easter. I can focus on the freedom I have in Christ!

    I'm visiting from Bonnie's Faith Barista.

  2. I love Easter as it reminds me how much hope there is in a Risen Savior. Have a joy-filled Easter!

  3. Yes he paid the price .....a beautiful time to celebrate at Easter all Christ has hive us...

  4. I am so thankful for God and our church.

  5. may we learn to live as people of Easter all year through!


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