Sunday, April 13, 2014

Five Years!

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Frugal Creativity!

I have no great giveaways or Twitter parties to celebrate.  I just want to thank you.

From its humble beginnings ... just kidding.  This blog has changed over its lifetime.  From being a place of recipes and frugal tips, it's become more personal ... sometimes intensely so.  (I'm not even sure that the title fits anymore but, well, it's mine.)  I don't seek out giveaways or check my stats anymore.  I'd rather have one visitor who engages than a hundred who enter a giveaway and leave.

Some of you have been here since the first year, and I want to thank you for sticking around.  Thanks for walking with me on this long road of depression and cancer and everything in between.  As cliche as it sounds, you've shared my joys and my sorrows.  I've made a few dear friends--you know who you are--and I have found hope and joy in your friendship.

Some of you have started visiting more recently, and I want to thank you, too.  Your comments and your encouragement have helped me get through the roughest spots.

I'd also like to say Thanks to Susanne, who hosts Friday's Fave Five, and Bonnie, who writes Faith Barista.  Not only are their blogs insightful and encouraging, but through them I've met many of you.

It's a quiet anniversary, but I didn't want to let it pass without thanking the people who have made it worth writing.  Thank you!


  1. Happy Anniversary! How exciting. I was thinking about doing an anniversary post as well. I started the blog when Anna was still in my tummy and she'll be seven next month. It doesn't seem that long.

    I'm wavering between wanting the stats and numbers to those regular friends who you can rely on and look forward to seeing comments from. I can't reconcile it yet, but I guess I'll figure out when my C journey is over.

    "Meeting" you through blogging and still having you as a friend means a lot to me. Hugs & love... I'm celebrating silently with you! :-)

  2. Five?! Happy Anniversary!!!
    I am so glad you have kept on blogging, even through it all...
    You know your Friday Posts are my favorites! :)


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