Thursday, January 9, 2014

When Panic Attacks, Part 2

For the new year, the Faith Jam writing prompt this week is What is your One Word for 2014?

'PEACE' photo (c) 2006, Baer Tierkel - license:'ve given it some thought, and my One Word is the same as it was for 2013:  PEACE.  Not as much because of panic attacks, but because of daily challenges.

I still experience anxiety, but the panic attacks have lessened, thank the Lord.  I think that, because I'm often in "survival mode," I have a hard time dealing with normal stress:  disharmony, pressure, changing plans.  At those times I start praying, but the emotions have already hit:  I'm already bordering on frantic.

I'm still working with the excellent doctor I found last summer, and I'm still working with my (also excellent) counselor.  I continue to give myself permission to take care of myself.  My devotional book for this year is subtitled "Becoming a Woman at Peace."

So I'm working diligently on this and trying to attack it from all angles.  Maybe for 2015 I can choose a different word!  :)


  1. I think it's a beautiful thing to choose Peace two years in a row. We'd all do well to choose so wisely. Praying His peace will continue to grow in all of us...

  2. At least you have a great word :)
    Praying that 2014 is a great one for you!!!!

  3. Hi Melissa,
    I only just read the instructions to visit the person who posted before you. I pray that you will know His peace in the storm throughout the year. Today I was experiencing a panic attack of sorts but I remember Rick Warren's wife saying that after her son committed suicide, people would ask how she was and she and Rick could respond, "Terrible, but OK". That OK came from a peace deep inside knowing He was sovereign. But that 'loud' shallow disquiet that comes on top of that peace makes it 'terrible'. May God dispel that for all of us who go through this so that that deep inner peace will so fill us that there will be no room for shallow disquiet. God bless you.

  4. As someone who has also tried to mange anxiety and panic attacks I know peace is all we really want! God bless you on your journey and my He bring you peace in 2014.

  5. Hi Sweet Melissa, I have the same one word too. ;) It's okay. We are on the same journey of allowing the word planted last year to take root and be prepared to bloom spring flowers. You are doing great sticking with your doctors and counselors and the devotional taking care of yourself. I'm prayerfully thinking through how to add more things to take care of myself better. It's hard, isn't it.. making room and giving ourselves permission to nurture us. But, God's heart wants it for us... Hopefully FaithBarista will be a part in lifting and enocouraging you on your journey.


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