Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red's All Natural Frozen Burritos (Review)

We've eaten a lot of really bad frozen burritos: doughy tortillas filled with a puree of mystery ingredients. Then along came Red's All Natural. I had a chance to try them, at no cost to me, and, well, we have a new burrito in our house.
The biggest difference?  Instead of being filled with a puree of who-knows-what, Red's contains real, identifiable foods:  chunks of meat, whole beans, corn kernels, grains of brown rice, bits of red pepper. See?

Yes, Red's burritos are more expensive than the cheapo brands.  But they're also significantly bigger (11 ounces as opposed to four or five) and simply way, way better tasting.

Look for Red's frozen burritos and quesadillas in the Natural Frozen section of your supermarket or superstore.

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  1. wow... that really looks good...
    thanks for the heads up


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