Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Rewind

Well, Mondays being what they are, and this being a particularly low day, I decided to recall the highlights of the past week or so.

My sister and her family were in town last week, so we had some happy visits.  The whole family got together to celebrate two milestone wedding anniversaries and a special birthday.  We went out for an early dinner, then came home for cake and champagne (or sparkling cider, for the young adults and anyone else who chose it).  It was good to catch up and just spend time together.

A few days later, my sister and I went out for lunch and shopping.  We haven't always gotten along, but now I'm so thankful to have a sister who's also a friend.  We browsed through kitchen stores (Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table), indulged a bit at the Godiva shop, and talked nonstop.
While we did that, my husband and brother-in-law took the young adults to Long Beach Island.  They saw Barnegat Lighthouse and explored the surrounding area, played mini golf, and had a picnic.

It was all good.

Other highlights of the week:

  • I had the energy and the inclination to bake snickerdoodle bars.  The warm flavors are more fitting for winter, I think, but we still enjoyed them.
  • On Saturday we found a large box on the front step.  I opened it to find a gorgeous quilt that my friend Meri made for me.  It's pink with green, maroon, and brown details.  Just beautiful.  And this is cool:  Even though she started making the quilt long before we got our new furniture for the family room, the colors could not coordinate better.
  • Last night my husband and son went to the Giants game.  The Giants didn't win, but my guys had a great time, anyway.
  • While they were out, I organized some papers for the upcoming school year and talked on the phone with Meri.  We've been friends for about 35 years, even though for most of that time we've lived in different parts of the country, and it's really special.
So what's new with you?


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful week! there's nothing like shopping to lift your spirits and to do it with a special sister is lovely. what have we been up to? helping our oldest daughter return for her 3rd year of studies at Gordon COllege on the north shore of MA and then spending a bit of time with my inlaws on the south shore. Just got home and now relaxing!!

  2. love reading this...
    Sounds like things were great...
    i know what you mean about not always being close with a sibling... my brother and i have had our ups and downs, but as he gets older, he is coming around more :)
    things are good here... hectic, but good :)


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