Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Fave Five - April 5

We've had a difficult week or two.  My depression has been flaring up in a huge way.  Because of that, because I can't feel any hope, I purposed to find five favorites in the week.  Thanks for visiting today!
  1. I was not scheduled to see the doctor for another week.  But I called yesterday and was able to move the appointment up to tomorrow.  I'm thankful that he had an open appointment.
  2. My husband, my son, and my friends have been very supportive when I've been down.  In these dark times I can't feel the love of God directly, but I feel His love flowing through people who care.
  3. DH and I had a date night early in the week.  He suggested a quiet restaurant, so we had a good opportunity to spend quality time.
  4. Last night my husband brought home two of my favorite almond horseshoe cookies.  He got them at Harold's, where everything is larger than life.  Huge:  the three of us shared half of a cookie last night.  And it was so good ... almond paste with just enough other ingredients (I think it's egg white and sugar) to hold it together. 
  5. I don't follow new stamp releases, but I heard about these Vintage Seed Packets stamps.  Aren't they pretty?  They make me want to plant flowers already!
What were the best parts of your week? Let me know in a comment or visit Susanne to link up your post.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with depression!! Are you trying any of the natural remedies, supplements with herbs? just curious. I know someone who had depression and the herbs worked wonders for her. About staying in Boston. We always stay at the Comfort Inn in Danvers (north of the city proper.) you can look it up online and if you book through AAA or Tripadvisor you get a good discount!! And the hotel is close to a T so you can just park your car for the day (usually costs about $5.00) and take the T in. Another good place that is family friendly and affordable is Sea Lion Inn and Motel in Gloucester. VERY reasonable rates for that area and just drive down to Wonderland Station, park your car and take the T in!! MUCH cheaper :)

  2. I am so glad God gave you the moments to find in this dark week. I love almond cookies (Dutch letters in the tradition I grew up in).

    Those stamps are darling - I might have to get me some...

  3. I am sorry about the flare-up with depression, but glad your doctor had an appointment open and that you can feel and be assured of God's love and support, and family's too, in the midst of low times.

    A quiet restaurant is an ideal date night to me.

    That cookie is huge!

  4. Melissa I'm sorry you've had a rough couple of weeks. Praying that the ones coming up will be much better and God would lift that cloud of depression off of you and allow you to feel His love supporting you! I'm so glad you were able to see God's love in action towards you from others. Thanks for purposing to look for blessings in your life!

    That cookie looks huge and delicious. I love when hubby brings me home unexpected treats like that.

  5. hate that the weeks have not been awesome and that the unwanted guest is back... hoping for a short visit.
    I am glad you were able to get an appointment and a date night in :) WHooo Hooo...
    as for the cookies, I think you have mentioned them before, glad to see one, as I have never seen one before... hmm... looks great !!!!
    here is to a great week

  6. That pastry looks delicious! Nice that you can have a date night, special times!


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