Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Fave Five - March 22

Even though we had a bit of snow this week, I'm optimistic enough to choose the spring FFF logo.  After all, my bulbs are trying their best to make an appearance.

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  1. A visit with a dear friend.  We talked for two hours about anything and everything.
  2. Flowers.  Just as the carnations that DH gave me for our anniversary were fading, my friend brought a gorgeous bouquet of mini carnations.
  3. Two good days.  Although my medication issues aren't resolved, I'm thanking the Lord for a couple of good days this week.
  4. Freezer meals.  This week I had the opportunity to make a double batch of chicken parm.  Half is in the freezer already, and I froze some leftover sauce, as well.  Those will be great to have on hand when we have a busy day.
  5. Coke FreeStyle.  Okay, I know this is going to blow my sophisticated image (LOL), but I'm like a kid with the Coke FreeStyle machine.  You choose a beverage (say, Coke or Dasani) then add another flavor (such as raspberry or lime).  DH and I went out to a place that had one of these machines, so I got to play with different combinations.  My favorite was Fanta Peach which, as it turns out, is a regular flavor.
What were the best parts of your week?


  1. Mmm...Chicken parm already made and in the freezer for a hectic day! love that type of thing!!! I need to do that more often!! I don't drink soda but that sounds like a lot of fun..mixing different flavors....I love flavored water..I'm buying (the next time they're on sale) one of those thingys where you put the water in and then add juice from a lemon or lime, orange, etc to make your own non sugar water....but with flavor. I spend too much money on water like HINT, Saratoga, etc. It's cheaper to make my own!! sounds like you had a good week of blessings!!

  2. I love Chicken Parmesan and haven't had it in ages. Good idea to freeze part of it for a busy day!

    My son told me about going to a restaurant with a drink machine like that. I haven't been there yet.

    Glad you had a couple of good days! Hope the medicine issues can be resolved soon.

    I had a good long visit (via phone) with a friend this week, too!

    Flowers can be such a boost this time of year when they're not blooming outside yet.

  3. Do you happen to want to share that Chicken Parm recipe, Melissa? I'd sure love to have it!

    Glad to hear you had good days this week. My son tells me Fanta Peach is awesome!

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  4. The new coke machines confuse me! I let my kids do the mixing for me.

    Hours spent with friends are blessings indeed.

  5. Freezer meals are fantastic. Even if you haven't had a busy day, if you just don't feel like cooking, you can pull one out for dinner. Definitely a fave in my book, too.

    Fresh flowers are certainly a fave too. They bring so much color and joy.

  6. I don't believe I have even heard of those coke machines. Sounds interesting, though.

    Chicken parm, yummy. I have got to start getting on a habit of making double batches of dinner so I can freeze one. Such a good idea.

    Enjoy those carnations. Isn't it wonderful having fresh flowers in the house?

  7. I LOVE the coke machine like that... we have it at Firehouse Subs and at Burger King... I LOVE the coke with lime or the coke with vanilla... i need to try more...
    so glad you had a couple of days and of course, friends to talk to are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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