Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Fave Five - March 15

It's still cold here, so I'm keeping the snowy FFF graphic!

Happy Friday!  Is it me, or has this been a long week?

Here's my list:
  1. We've had a good week of ministry.  Our church food pantry is putting together Easter dinners, and I'm grateful that our congregation has been so generous.
  2. I had a few bad days early in the week, and I'm so thankful for the help I got.  My husband and two good friends were right there for me.
  3. A friend and I had an impromptu talk about how the ministries we oversee can better work together.  It was all very positive, and we came up with a few ideas that I think will help.
  4. My husband surprised me with two of my favorite bakery treats:  almond horseshoes and St. Joseph's cakes.  (Hey, I got to #4 before I mentioned food!)
  5. Well, as long as I'm talking about food ... My husband and I had another date night, and I had the best sandwich:  chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and balsamic vinegar on Italian bread.
What were the best parts of your week?  Answer in the comments or visit Susanne to link up.


  1. Sandwiches always taste so much better when someone else makes them. That one sounds delicious. It's always great when you have someone to brainstorm with to connect a good thing better. It's a great idea to do Easter hampers too.

  2. Glad to hear when people can work together to streamline rather than butt heads.
    Such a blessing to be able to give to the needy with your Easter dinners.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. yum!!! i've had a similar sandwich on cape cod once and it was super delish!! Yay for putting your ideas together with your friend and how awesome to give Easter dinners to the needy families. That is special. you said the week was long but it FLEW by for me!! (probably cause my oldest is home from Gordon College and has to go back on sunday already!!) enjoy your weekend

  4. That sandwich sounds wonderful! So glad to hear there were people in your path on rough days. God provides, doesn't he?

    Have a good week ahead, Melissa.

  5. It was in the 70's here today! It feels like Spring. So glad your church reaches out to help. We have a food bank too.

    It's great to have friends who truly care. So glad you had that this week.

    I've never heard of those sweets! I love sweets and food! The sandwich sounds yuumy!


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