Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Fave Five - February 1

Well, the medication change isn't going as well as I'd hoped.  However, I'm here and looking for the five best parts of this week.  I'm glad you're here, too. :)
  1. After my doctor appointment last weekend, we stopped at Hobby Lobby for a few things for my new hobby of crocheting.  What a fun store to browse!  It even has "guy stuff" for my husband and son.
  2. We had two kinds of bean soup, two days in a row.  It would have been better if it didn't look like muddy water, but it was yummy, nonetheless.
  3. I had an uneventful visit with my surgeon.  It's been almost two years since my diagnosis of cancer, and every checkup with no remarkable findings is a gift.
  4. My son took me out for lunch. :)
  5. This cap is my current crochet project.  I love the yarn color:  it's called Cherry Chip, and it has red, brown, tan, and white.
What were the best parts of your week? Answer in the comments or visit Susanne for more Friday's Fave Five.


  1. Wonderful to be able to leave the doctor with no findings. I have not visited very much so I am not sure what type of cancer you have. Will try to visit later this weekend and check in with you. I will be praying for you.

    What a treat for your son to take you to lunch!

    I have never crocheted. I would love too! You did a great job!

    Thank you for sharing your Five today!

    Simply God's Girl

  2. I love browsing around Hobby Lobby!

    Hurray for unremarkable medical test results.

    How nice to have a son take you to lunch!

    Hope the medication starts working well with your system or they can find a better one for you.

  3. so glad to see another Friday post :)
    I love these... what a good week!
    I love Hobby Lobby as well :)
    that hat is awesome

  4. Love that project! And an uneventful visit with the doctor is always a blessing.

    So great to have you back in FFF! Have a great week ahead.

  5. So glad to hear that there have been uneventful visits with the surgeon. That is good news indeed! Love the colors of the cap. I have never tried to crochet but all the cute homemade wool accessories that is in style now almost makes me want to try.

  6. I love hobby lobby but rarely have the time to browse there! it's rather new in our town. yay for being cancer free...i didn't know you had struggled with that! do you have your experience/story on here? yay for bean soups and going out to lunch!! enjoy your weekend!!

  7. Love Hobby Lobby, especially with the weekly 40% off coupon.
    There is always something to be grateful for isn't there?

  8. Sorry your medication change wasn't up to what you hoped. Frustrating, I'm sure. Hobby Lobby is a fun head spinning store for sure! That cherry chip yarn is fun. Hope you have a good weekend.

  9. A no news is good news doctor appointment is the best!
    I'm a knitter so I understand the yarn love.

  10. Hurray for uneventful doctor visits! Cancer-free is a great result.

  11. Wow! Two years already?

    I recently took up knitting. :) Yarn is fun!!


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