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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Starbucks in Disney World? Say It's Not So!

My family and I are big fans of Disney World.  We don't have a house decorated with all things Mickey Mouse, but we try to go to Disney every year or two.

Over the years those trips have changed.  DH and I went to Disney on our honeymoon, then returned with our son when he was two years old.  Both were fabulous trips, but obviously they were quite different.

As DS has gotten older--he's now 15--we've moved toward the adult touring plan again.  For example, there's no more rushing down Main Street to get to the Dumbo ride before the line is eight miles long.  Now if we wait in line for character autographs, it's because I like them, not so much for DS.

When DH and I talk about retirement--even though it's years away--we talk about what our Disney vacations will look like.  One element has always been the Main Street Bakery.  We'd get to the Magic Kingdom when it opened, but once on Main Street, we'd turn into the bakery, get a pastry, then watch the young families rush to the Dumbo ride.

image: Flickr user mickeyavenue
But then came the news that the Main Street Bakery will be converted into a Starbucks location.  Yes, the same Starbucks that's on every corner of every town in the United States.  It will be themed to fit into Main Street, but the menu will be Starbucks.

I have nothing against Starbucks, but I don't want to see it in the Magic Kingdom.  Part of the wonder of Disney World is the escape from the real world.  While we're on-site we don't see newspapers; we don't have to watch TV news.  My husband, who has a long commute to work, doesn't have to drive, because Disney buses take us everywhere.  I'm free to try new things, to be silly, to like the characters even though I know they're, well, characters.

Walking on Main Street and stopping at Starbucks just doesn't have the same charm as stopping at the bakery.  Sipping a caramel macchiato from a Starbucks cup just doesn't work in Disney World.  Mass-produced bakery items can not replace the famous cinnamon rolls that have been described as "as big as my head!"

Maybe we'll have to continue on Main Street until we get to the ice cream parlor, instead!


  1. no way... that bothers me...
    I mean come on now... .

  2. Oh no, I wonder if they are doing that at Disneyland as well. I love the bakery on Main Street and it is usually my first stop. If it is Starbucks it will take all the fun out of it. I agree it should be something special not something you can get at every corner or in every grocery store :(


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