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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fancy Cupcake Decorations (Guest Post)

I hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I found myself considering just how blessed I am, even in the midst of the storm.  Today I'd like to share a guest post with ideas for decorating cupcakes.  Some are for spring holidays, but there's nothing wrong with thinking ahead!

Whether you’re decorating cupcakes for a family occasion, seasonal event, or
a work party, there are endless ways in which you can make your cupcakes
look extra fancy, whatever the occasion.

Although it may seem daunting, it can be very easy to make your cupcakes
look fantastic. Below are 5 great ideas to get your started on your cupcake
decorating adventure!

Easter Bunny Cupcakes
Cupcakes can be decorated in any way, so why not create some seasonal
bunny rabbits at Easter time? They are very easy to make and look absolutely
brilliant when they’re finished! All you need is icing, marshmallows, edible
crystals, white chocolate and small round sweets.

The fancily decorated Easter bunny cupcakes – the perfect little Easter treat
Firstly, you cover the top of the cupcake with icing and then grate chocolate
all over the icing. You then place a little bit of icing on the 3 rounded sweets,
so they’ll stick to the chocolate, and place them on the cupcake as 2 eyes and
a nose.

From the nose, use some red icing to create little whiskers on either side.
Finally, cut the marshmallows in half and add a tiny bit of icing to the top and
bottom; dip the top side in the edible crystals, and then place them onto the
cupcake as ears.

Wedding Bouquet
Cupcakes are perfect for every event, including weddings. It doesn’t only
have to be the bride and bridesmaids that get a wedding bouquet, as you can
decorate cupcakes to match!

Placed on top of a bed of butter cream, you can buy ready made icing flowers
to arrange however you like. They are available to purchase in a variety of
colours, so you can choose flowers that match your colour scheme!

Finally, the fancy decoration is finished off with an elegant ribbon around the
case the cupcake sits in.

Of course, if you would rather create the flowers yourself, you can buy flower-
icing kits, which will explain in simple steps, how to make them yourself. This
adds a wonderful hand-made touch to the cupcakes and inevitably results in
each cupcake being special and unique.

Valentine Hearts
If you want to make something a little bit different this Valentine’s Day, why
not spend time decorating some cupcakes for that special someone? To
create some fancy valentines cupcakes all you need is icing, coloured sparkle
gel (suitable for eating), and mini edible heart decorations.

Whether you decide to buy the icing or create it yourself, when you put it in
the bag, ready to put on the cupcakes, simply add some of the sparkle gel to
the bag. Then you need to apply the icing in circles starting on the outside of
the cupcake and ending in the middle.

Some of the icing will overlap and you should end up with a small tower of
icing reaching its highest point in the middle. The coloured sparkle gel should
have added a wonderful edge to the icing making it look very fancy.

You then scatter numerous heart decorations across the icing, as you like.
These decorations are usually found in small circular containers with the
cupcake making kits and decorations in the supermarket.

Tea Time
One of the most quirky cupcake decorations you could create are the tea
time designs. These cupcakes would be the perfect accompaniment to an
afternoon tea appointment, or an elegant tea party.

To create these wonderful designs, you can buy mini tea sets, including cups,
saucers and teapots. Unfortunately, these are porcelain, so you cannot eat
them, and need to make sure you tell your guests that! However, this does
mean you get to keep them and use them again.

Their primary function is for fancy decoration, and they fulfill this role
amazingly, looking completely classy and beautiful. Making these tea time
cupcakes is easy; you simply add a layer of butter cream, or icing, to the
cupcake and set the tea set on top.

Simplistic Elegance
Another idea of how to decorate cupcakes in a very fancy way is by being
minimalistic, yet stylish. This can be done with whatever decoration you may
desire on the cupcake, but works especially well with small embellishments
and flowers.

By doing one layer of flat icing on the cupcake and then adding only a small
amount of embellishments, such as an icing bow across the centre of the
cupcake, or an icing flower or animal, your cupcakes will be impressive and
look fantastic.

This kind of design works particularly well if it’s done with bright colours and
can be used at a children’s party.

A brilliant example of brightly coloured, simple cupcake decorations
Above are just five ideas for fancy cupcake decorations, but the sky is the limit!
You can decorate your cupcakes in whatever way you like, so why not start
getting creative today?

Article by Natalie Moody, writer for Cooks Paraphernalia, the retailer of design
cookware including the famous iitala glasses and moomin mugs

Image credits:  Flickr users ttcopley and makenosound

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  1. Oh goodness I love cupcakes and fancy ones are the best! What fun ideas!!


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