Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Doctor Brings Hope

You may recall my difficulty finding a specialist for a second opinion.  Well, surely the Lord brought me to the right doctor.  I met with Dr. P earlier this week.

Image by David Castillo Dominici
She's easy to talk to, and we had a lot of ground to cover:  medical history, symptoms, what has and hasn't worked.  I came prepared with notes on my symptoms as well as lists and charts and everything else I thought she might need.

She was very open about what she thinks, and I gained a lot of knowledge about my condition.  We talked about medication options, but she hasn't made a recommendation yet.  Instead, she is going to work with my family doctor to chart a course that--I pray--will be smoother than the last year or so has been.

I don't feel any better except that the blanket of discouragement has been folded back.  That, in itself, is a relief.

Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Good - sometimes God works in mysterious ways...I will pray that together they will help you find your way out of this.

  2. i am SO GLAD that she is easy to talk to... and that you learned from your visit.. that is great news :)


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