Friday, October 26, 2012

6 Affordable Fall Travel Destinations

My family does most of our traveling in spring or fall, and we are always looking for the affordable!  I liked this article from and I hope you do, too!

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The travel bug is indiscriminate. It strikes without warning at any time, in any season. No one is immune to its effects. Though treatment for this affliction is especially enjoyable, it has the potential to be extremely expensive. If the changing weather has you feeling restless, consider these six destinations that are more affordable in the fall, as compiled from the Best Time to Go Guide from

Desert dwellers will tell themselves anything to pretend it's not hot. Calling sweltering summer temperatures a "dry heat" does nothing to distract from the fact 110 F is unbearable. Luckily by the time October rolls around daily temperatures have dropped into the 80s. Fall travel to cities such as Phoenix and Scottsdale not only provides idyllic weather, but you don't have to compete for accommodations with the rowdy spring break and Major League Baseball spring training crowds.

While there's much debate about the direction toilets flow in Australia, the seasons are most certainly swapped. If you've been stricken with a case of premature spring fever, Australia is your ideal fall destination. The continent-country doesn't lack in diversity either. From October to March you can comfortably snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, tour subtropical rain forests and cuddle koalas without the expense of other peak seasons.

Realistically there's no bad time to travel to California. Still, after the biggest crowds have died down from the summer, locals will tell you autumn is the best time to visit. The days are sunny and warm, while prices on airfare and hotels have dropped in cost. "Crowded" is a relative term -- especially to Californians -- but destinations such as Disneyland are also much more approachable in the fall.

Traveling to Europe is kind of like eating Lay's potato chips: Betcha can't go just once. If you want to experience all of the culture without all of the expense, plan a fall visit. Demand for accommodations at popular destinations such as Paris has dropped, and cities like London and Dublin haven't yet been hit with winter dreariness. When you can't decide where to go, pick up some guidebooks from Lonely Planet with this offer from for buy 2 get 1 free.

Unless you're making well over six figures, travel to Tahiti will probably never seem cheap. However, planning your trip at the right time makes a big difference when it comes to cost. Peak prices for accommodations drop off in August as the island's dry season comes to a close. You'll want to take advantage of these low rates in October and November before they reach their peak again during December holidays.

When Europe is out of the question and you still want a taste of the culture, hop across the border to Montreal. The official language of Canada's second-largest city is French, giving it a distinctly European feel. Once August is over, hotel vacancies are abundant and prices reach their yearly lows. With each passing month the temperature continues to drop, so early-fall travel provides the best conditions as well opportunities to attend local festivals. If you find yourself freezing, a plate of poutine should warm you right up. 


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