Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Coolest New Product!

Have you seen this?


(Sorry about the sideways photos.  The software is giving me fits today.)  Until a few years ago, every summer, I would plant tomatoes and cilantro. I couldn't wait to make salsa. But invariably, no matter how much I pinched it back, the cilantro would go to seed before the tomatoes were ripe.

I don't purchase fresh cilantro from the supermarket because I don't use enough to justify the cost. I started making salsa without cilantro.

Frozen cilantro, in 1-teaspoon cubes, at $2.49 for twenty cubes. Brilliant. It has a few added ingredients (see the last photo), but I'm okay with them.



Do you have a favorite new--or new to you--product?

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  1. i have seen people talk about doing this... surprised someone didn't market this before now...
    (or maybe they did and i have no clue...)


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