Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad ...

This week the writing prompt for Bonnie Gray's Faith Barista Jam is "Write a letter to someone you love."  Here's mine:

Dear Mom and Dad,

First, I want to say Thank you.  Thank you for the sacrifices you made so that we could have what we did.  Thank you for encouraging me to do well in school.  (Bribery with ice cream was quite effective.)  Thank you for providing a strong framework of right and wrong.

image: Flickr user ebot
Thank you for the vacations.  I'm glad that I can laugh about the surprises, like coming back to find the tent collapsed or running from the tent to the car in torrential rain.  (Tent camping builds character, but it also gave me an appreciation for my own bed.)  Thanks for taking us to Disney World.  You must have saved and sacrificed to make that happen, and I have some vivid memories from the trip.  How could I forget watching the Electrical Water Pageant from the beach, or going to the campfire to watch cartoons?

Thank you for driving Meri and me all over to see the Mahoney Brothers.  I am sure that's not how you would have chosen to spend your weekends.

Thank you for taking us to church.  What I learned there laid a foundation for getting to know Jesus in a more personal way.  I know that this new life in Christ is different from the religion you are familiar with, and my decision to be baptized as a believer may not make sense.  If you have questions, please ask.

I'm sorry for the worries I gave you.  Staying out past curfew, even if I was just in the driveway with friends, wasn't right.  And there were probably one or two--maybe even three--other times that I broke rules or caused concern.  I am sorry.



  1. All normal things. :o) They probably laugh about it now unless you were a bit on the wild side like me.

  2. An honest letter! I'm sure they appreciate reading this.


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