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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Letter to a Younger Me #faithjam

Dear Melissa,

'' photo (c) 2012, Lisa Sexton - license: know you're in high school now and you know just about everything.  But when it comes to Mark, trust me, your parents are right.  They might not handle it perfectly (in time you will learn that no parent is perfect), but please listen to them.

Mark seems like a nice young man, and in some ways he is.  He says he loves you, and he might.  But don't think you can change his dangerous side:  he doesn't love you enough to change.  (Read that sentence again.)

Here is the truth:  He says he will be faithful; he won't.  He says he'll stop using drugs; he won't.  He is going to take you places, literally and metaphorically, that you will regret later.  And in the end he's going to break your heart.

I promise you that another young man will soon come along.  In fact, you know him already.  This one is truly sweet, but he is still not the man the Lord has chosen for you.  Be patient!  Learn to "Be still," and you will save yourself a lot of heartache.


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  1. Oh, my friend, I love the direction you went with this. I so relate. So many roads I went down blindly trusting, those unworthy of trust. Until I met the One who would guide me. Beautiful, and makes me think about what I would say to me, about my own circumastances!

  2. Oh, if only we could have known then what we know now. Stopping by for the first time from Faith Barista Jam.
    God bless,

  3. Oh wow. I wish I could have had that conversation with myself over lots of boys! ha. Too bad the *wrong* ones didn't come with tags or something so we could more clearly identify them in the moment. Or maybe they did, and we just couldn't see? ... Great post, Melissa.

  4. Oh, don't we all wish we could have these conversations with ourselves when we believed we had all the answers. Great post.

  5. What we could do with a crystal ball in our past...but then we might have turned out differently had we known.

  6. I so wish I could go back to my high school self and impart so much advice...not all of it relationship related, but definitely some!

  7. Hi Melissa,
    It's so hard to know who is who and love makes us so vulnerable. "He doesn't love you enough to change..." This is tough to say to ourselves... when someone doesn't love us enough.... So beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your heart with us in this vulnerable way.

  8. Oh that all teenage girls would read this letter! Think of the pain that could be prevented if they would listen to a voice of wisdom. Love this. Thank you for your kind comment on the letter I wrote to my younger self. I appreciate the encouragement! I'll be looking for your links on the next Faith party!

  9. I should have had that conversation about 35 years ago!! (except my guy at the time wasn't into drugs, but alcohol!) so thankful the Holy Spirit put the whisper in my ear to break up with him...i almost married him and now he is in prison!! Great post!! i'm gonna have to check out the faith barista jam thing..never heard of it!!

  10. if only we could all write a letter to our youngerselves... right?


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