Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's News (Personal Updates)

I've been spending all of my blogging time on book reviews and giveaways.  So I wanted to say Hi in a more personal way, and also let you know what's new here.

'24...pills, pills, pills' photo (c) 2012, Chelsea Oakes - license: doctor and I are still trying to find the right combination of medications for me.  The med that gave me two good weeks soon stopped working so well.  I still take it, but on an adjusted dosage.  Every med adjustment takes a month to evaluate, which makes this a slow process.  It's frustrating to take a handful of pills every morning, afternoon, and night--and still feel bad.  But a shotgun approach just wouldn't make sense.  I thank God for bringing me to a doctor who is knowledgeable, patient, and methodical.

Another praise:  I saw my surgeon, and she found no cause for concern.  I'm scheduled for more imaging in early August--almost a year to the day from my last radiation treatment.  My skin in the treatment area is still darker than normal, but it's gradually improving.

We finished our homeschool year, the first with a new program.  The adjustment wasn't easy, because this program is more rigid than what we'd used before.  But we made it through, and I hope the upcoming year will be easier.

My family is starting on the Slimmer diet next week.  At least that's the plan.  My husband just laughed when I mentioned it today.  One of the side effects of my new medication is weight gain.  (I think it's a combination of retaining fluids and craving every food in the house.)  We'd been making excuses and delaying the start date, but we decided how to work around upcoming birthdays, etc.  I can't keep my growing 14-year-old on a limited diet, though; he will eat the diet foods, then add what he needs.  If you're interested in this diet, I'm giving away a copy of Slimmer.  Of course has the book, and the Kindle editionis very affordable. (Note:  The "Kindle edition" link is an affiliate link.)


  1. I am so glad that your follow-up looks good.

    I hope your doctor you can figure out the right combination soon (or perhaps I should say relatively soon - since it is a long term project).

    with my prayers,


  2. So glad to "see" you again :) Keep in touch - I know life can get crazy though.

  3. So happy for a good follow up!!!!!!!!!! Take time with the meds.. hopefully you will get a good combination soon. I would love more better days for you!
    Good luck on the weight loss.. can not wait to hear about it


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