Friday, June 22, 2012

From Berries to Bargains: Friday's Fave Five

It's been a while since I've participated in Friday's Fave Five, but this has been a very good week.  I could probably write the Terrific Ten, but I'll stick with Susanne's theme.
  1. If you've been here before, you may remember that I struggle with clinical depression.  Finding the right medication has been a challenge, even though my doctor is excellent.  At my last appointment we had a good conversation about the options I had, and together we chose the path to take.  This particular med starts working immediately, and I have had two good weeks.  Praise God!
  2. On Saturday my family went to New York City.  We live fairly close to the city, but we rarely go.  It was an experience for my son to take the train to Penn Station, then walk outside, look up, and see Madison Square Garden "upstairs."
  3. I was thinking that I'd like one of those double-walled tumblers to drink my iced tea, iced coffee, or water.  I looked around online but everything was too expensive. Then I went to the supermarket and found an endcap display full of these tumblers ... $3.99.  (I'm using a disposable straw because I'm not confident that I can wash a straw thoroughly after drinking iced coffee with milk, for example.)
  4. New Jersey is the topic of many jokes, but we take our produce seriously. New Jersey grows the best blueberries, and they're in season now.  We've had blueberry shortcake, I've baked banana blueberry muffins, and I'm working on a blueberry tart.  I also want to try this frozen blueberry pie!
  5. My son, who is almost 15, prepared dinner on Tuesday.  He made spaghetti sauce, cooked the ravioli, and made garlic bread.  We've decided that he's going to work alongside me for some meals this summer, and cook dinner on his own sometimes.  He likes doing it, and I appreciate the help.
What have been the highlights of your week?  Leave a comment, or write your own post and link up to Susanne!


  1. I am SO HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE HAD 2 GOOD WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have no clue how happy that makes me! Whooo hoo...
    the tumbler, I got one for review (post in july..) and it is one you put in freezer, so that it stays cool.. looks pretty cool, so I am excited to try it out

  2. Oh how fun that your boy is helping with oldest (18) daughter is going to help me more in the kitchen this summer too. In fact, I have told her she needs to plan and cook one meal a's to prep her for on campus apt in another year. (right now she is on full meal plan on Gordon and she doesn't always use all her points so sells them for cash...she really wants to learn more cooking!). I love NYC but we don't get down there often because we actually prefer Boston. We are about 2 hrs north of NYC and about 3 hours west of Boston. Yay for blueberries...I just had some on cereal this a.m. and the market I bought them from was featuring them as being from a NJ farm!! I didn't know you suffer from clinical depression......glad you found a med that is working for you! I have some friends and family members with it and it's tough sometimes. God bless you this weekend!

  3. It sounds like you are doing much better. I hope this new medication will continue to work well for you!!

    How fun that your son is becoming a culinary expert!! :)

    You will be thanked many times over through the years, I am sure.

  4. I did not know that new jersey has the best blue berries! I love them! Enjoy all the yummy foods you can make!

  5. What a blessing to have a good doctor who listens to you and discusses and works with you to find what's best. I'm so glad you have had two good weeks! And that you were able to join in again with us!

    How nice to have dinner cooked for you. I'm sure you're going to have many bonding times in the kitchen helping him learn this skill over the summer.

    Your trip to New York sound like so much fun. And your blueberry baking is making my mouth water.

    Hoping you continue to have many, many more good weeks!

  6. That's wonderful that you've found medication that works for you and you've had two good weeks.

    I feel the same way about straws.

    That's really neat to have your son start learning to cook.

  7. YAY for sons who learn to cook!

    I love my personal hot mug and I get a 10ct discount at Starbucks for it--I should look into finding a cold cup like yours :)

    Glad you have had a couple of good weeks!

  8. GREAT that you have had two good weeks!!

    So great that your son is cooking. I think that's a great idea for summer.

    My husband is from a section of NJ not far from NYC...wonder if it's close?! Great to see you here, Melissa. Have a great week!

  9. Two weeks is huge. Yay for the right combination!

    I think it is wonderful that your son has an interest in cooking and that you are happy to have him alongside of you!

    (We are close to NJ and know the jokes well, but we also know that you have some serious produce. :) )


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