Friday, April 27, 2012

Can You See Me Now?

In my family, everybody wears glasses:  my grandparents, my parents, my uncle, my sister ... even my husband, my brother-in-law, and my son.  Well, maybe not everybody:
credit: Flickr user TheGiantVermin
We start young, too.  I started wearing eyeglasses when I was in second grade.  By eighth grade I'd switched to contact lenses, but I had nothing but trouble with them.  I lost a lens on a roller coaster (and spent the rest of the day being able to see with just one eye).  When my eyes were irritated from seasonal allergies, the contact lenses were intolerable.  And so on, all of which brought me back to wearing glasses.

When I got to be 40-something, I needed my first pair of bifocals.  We paid an astronomical price for the no-line type.  In six months, when my near-vision prescription changed, we decided it was time to try purchasing eyeglasses online.  It was a good experience:  with all of the frame dimensions and my prescription in hand, I found shopping online easier than looking through a wall of frames at my optometrist's office.  And we saved a heap of money!

Another helpful tool, if you want to order glasses online, is this Virtual Mirror:

You can upload your photo to "try on" glasses, or you can choose a face that's similar in shape to yours.  (I had fun "trying on" glasses that I would never buy, just to see how bad they looked!)

If you'd like to try, you'll want to know about these discount codes:
  • Take 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglass frames, available storewide (for eyeglasses, basic single-vision lenses are included). Code:SPRING50
  • Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10
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  1. Love the idea of the virtual mirror ;) I am forwarding this to a friend of mine who purchases her glasses online - she will appreciate the discount codes I am sure. {Tammy}

  2. I have had glasses since I was in 1st grade--thanks for sharing this website--I will have to check it out.

  3. I have been wearing glasses since 5th grade, so I know what you mean. I think this site would be perfect for me. I will definitely check it out. Thank you SO much for sharing.


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