Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Out with the Old ...

While we were waiting for my new stove to be delivered, we started talking about the old one.  It's just a stove, but it's the first stove we owned.  It's the one that baked cupcakes for my son's first birthday ... the one that cooked countless pots of pasta ... the one that set off the smoke alarms.

I tried to convince my husband that we should take out the burners and move the stove to the yard, where we could use it as a planter.  He was having no part of that-- even after I described how flowers would pour out of the open oven door. ;)

So the installers took away the old stove and installed a shiny new one.  It's not exactly like the one pictured, but it's close.  We have the heavy-duty continuous grates, but no center burner.  We have a high-power burner and a convection oven!  I know the "experts" say that appliances are not good Christmas presents, but my husband knew that this would make me smile.  And this is possibly the best part:  we got this stove for a fabulous price because it's a clearance model.

One quick recipe:  I haven't been baking cookies at all, but this is what I baked to try the new oven:  almond macaroons (without the cherries).  So, so good.  The only problem is that the recipe only makes 18 cookies!

image: property of GE / The Home Depot


  1. I can definitely relate to this! We just had to replace our stove as well. I was so sad to have it go. I know they are just appliances, but they become so much a part of our life too! I am so glad that someone else understands!!:) I thought I was the only sentimental one!

    My one burner arced one morning when I was making pancakes, started shooting sparks around the kitchen and actually blew a hole through my heavy pan. Luckily I had stepped away from the stove to get the syrup out.

    As much as I hated to get rid of the stove, it just wasn't worse the chance of something worse happening to it and losing so much more!

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. for the record – I think a stove planter is unique – and I think you could've made it work – but I understand certain – reservations. Sad you had to say goodbye to your old friend – I'm glad you're beginning the process of making a new one – and here's a thought – someday your new friend might make a good planter – and your hubs will be warmed up to the idea. God bless you and yours – and your stove. :-)

  3. Appliances would work for me as a Christmas present, occasionally

  4. oops I forgot to mention that I had entered the Shabby Apple giveaway

  5. it's always strange to replace a long time appliance...i know with our microwave we had the old one for longer than we probably needed to and when we finally gave in we stubbornly missed the old one and was unnecessarily annoyed by the new one. haha. it's interesting how memories attached to things make them that much more important to a person.


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