Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gifts from God

What do you think of when someone mentions gifts from God?

I would guess that the question has a different answer for everyone.  This week, the Faith Jam prompt is a gift you've recently received from God, which is a bit of a twist on the usual question.  As I was thinking through my answer, another one literally showed up on my doorstep.  I'll tell you both, but I promise they'll be quick.

One afternoon this week I was making eggplant parm for dinner, and I planned to make breadsticks.  Even though this recipe for breadsticks is quick and easy, I just ran out of time to make them.  I considered calling my husband to ask him to stop for bread on his way home, but decided not to bother him.  When I heard him arrive home, I met him at the door--and he was holding a bag of rolls.  Not exactly a miracle, but a really neat provision.

Flickr user dmachiavello
My first answer for the question, though, was one of those Bible verses that just jumped off the page at me.  I love when that happens, even though the verses tend to be convicting more than reassuring.  I have spent the last year--or two or three--holding on to the Lord's promises, so this verse is special to me:
The Lord’s promises are pure,
like silver refined in a furnace,
purified seven times over. (Psalm 12:6, NLT)
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  1. Such a fun story of the breadsticks and rolls, Melissa. Sweet serendipity! (And a great reminder from the Psalms as well.)

  2. Manna from above. :-) Love this story, Melissa. I hope you're doing well.

  3. Verses are such a gift, aren't they? Wonderful story!

  4. Melissa, I enjoyed hearing how God spoke to you through everyday life! Thank you for giving us a peak into God's words in your day!

  5. God is so good that way, isn't he?

  6. I love how God gives us those verses that speak deep to our hearts like love notes from Him!

  7. His Word is quite a provision, isn't it?!

  8. Love it when a verse jumps out! And what a great story about the rolls - the little blessings help keep us going. Hope you are feeling well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Melissa!

  9. GOD is Great and what so ever HE provide to eat is the gift, so Cherish in HIS name.


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