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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Redeemed? Redeemed!

Finish the sentence:  In God's Heart, I am ....

When I read Bonnie's prompt for Faith Barista Jam this week, I first thought of the DaySpring necklace that I was wearing at the time.  The four sides of the pendant read created, chosen, celebrated, and cherished.  From the first time I saw a photo of the necklace, I knew that it would be a lovely reminder ... and it is.

But then, like a blinking neon sign, the word redeemed came to mind.  The very idea that God loves me enough to redeem me by the blood of Christ just blows me away.
When I searched Bible Gateway for verses containing the word redeemed, what first caught my attention was Lamentations 3:58 (NKJV):
O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; 
You have redeemed my life.
I just can't wrap my brain around it.  Why?  But--in what seems to have become a central principle of my life--I don't have to know Why; I only have to know Who.

I encourage you to read Bonnie's post today.  It's a double shot:  her own thoughts as well as a guest post by writer Holley Gerth.


Disclosure:  Although I am a DaySpring affiliate, the link to the necklace is not an affiliate link.  However, if you click through one of the DaySpring ads elsewhere on my blog and complete a purchase, I will receive a commission.  Thank you!


  1. There are so many good words to choose from. Redeemed. That's a great one. I can't wrap my mind around it either...

  2. I'm totally with you, Melissa. The full comprehension of "why" is unfathomable, but it doesn't change that redemption is what He has done and Who He is. So good. Thank you.

  3. Oh yes, I hear you on this: "I don't have to know Why; I only have to know Who." I'm an "answers" girl, and it's a great lesson God has taught (and continues to teach) me to know that sometimes I just can't know the what or why. But you are so right, we always know the Who!

  4. I love necklaces or anything that is a physical reminder of God's love for me. Thanks for the idea.

    And as far as the "why," that reminds me of the topic my small group talked about today. We're reading through Andy Stanley's book, The Principle of the Path and he talks about how submission is more important than information in seeking God's will. I think that's what you're saying here. Funny how God keeps all of us on the same page! Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  5. I love God's redemption. I love in the verse you selected that God redeemed my life. The. whole. Life. Amen and amen. He doesn't pick and choose - he's in for the whole monty. :) Great reminder, thank you.

  6. I have a necklace that I wear my cousin gave to me. It reminds me, too, of redemption.

  7. Thanks for directing me to Bonnie's post. Have a great week, Melissa!

  8. I heart that it doesn't matter why or how - but who - I heart your necklace - I skipped the top post cause I didn't need any organizing - but this one - this one - just amen. it reminds me that I'm a creation, and I have a purpose, and my creator will bring me home. Thank you for that. God bless you, Melissa.


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