Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cats and Dogs

Not much change in the past couple of weeks, but I wanted to keep this light by sharing something cute that my husband did.   He'd heard about a woman who was depressed and who improved after getting a cat.  We're not cat people, so my husband asked if I'd like to get a dog.

It's been about twelve years since our dog died, and we have never talked seriously about getting another.  But sometimes I miss having a dog, so we started thinking about it.

I've always wanted to have a big dog--maybe a yellow Lab or a golden retriever--but I am not confident that we could provide enough exercise for a dog like that.  And after the challenges posed by our last dog--a beagle/springer spaniel mix who was sweet but also stubborn, hard to train, and prone to barking and chewing--I wanted to do the research rather than just choosing a cute puppy.

At least a few websites have free quizzes to help identify a dog breed that's a good fit for your family.  I consistently indicated that we wanted an easy-care dog.  When I got the results and eliminated the breeds that are pricey or ugly, I was surprised to find the Bichon Frise remaining.  Not a breed that I'd ever considered owning!
flickr user madaise
I forwarded the results to my husband, who offered another suggestion:
flickr user n2linux
Our stove works, but it's getting older and somewhat quirky.  We're just starting to compare models.  I don't need a lot of features, but it helps to have a dependable thermostat in the oven!  And, um, I don't think we're getting a dog. :)


  1. Bichons were at the top of our list until my oldest found out about Shiba Inus. My husband and I have considered Shibas in the past and so that is route we are going (I would love a standard poodle or any of the standard poodle designer dogs (which are gigantic animals) but after Willow our greyhound and the cost of boarding a large dog we really want to stay with a smaller animal.

    A good stove is important. I've had many a wonky one and a reliable one is definitely a blessing. Having replaced all the major appliances in our house except the stove and having had several major repairs on it and assuming that it is as old as our house which is nearly twenty years old it is next on our list too.

    I hope you find a stove you like and report back - I always like to read consumer reviews. :)

  2. I am glad that you all were able to come to a "right" decision for your family concerning a pet. So many do not consider the "life" that they are taking on and the long term commitment. :)

  3. LoL, Love how it went from a dog to a stove! that makes me laugh!!!
    We thought of getting a pup... and will eventually.. if the timing is right...
    it just isn't right .. yet :)

  4. I think Bichons are adorable. We have friends that have them, but I think they are very clingy (or at least theirs were!) We babysat them and they were really fun to play with. However, they were often around my feet or near me at all times and I found myself tripping on them. We haven't got a dog yet. I'm trying to convince the Mr. I get depressed too and think a dog will lift my spirits but then we are so money conscious, it seems like a way to blow more money in our house and I don't want to hear the complaints!


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