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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spending Time With My Savior

Lately--as I am sure you could have guessed--my energy level and my ability to concentrate haven't been very good.  As I am equally sure you could have guessed, this has affected every aspect of life:  Not only have I been unable to blog much (or well), but I have also been unable to keep up with things at home.  Spiritually, I have found that the lack of focus makes it very difficult to read the Word.  My eyes move across the page without engaging my brain, which has invariably wandered off again.  So my time with the Lord has been spent singing to Him.  (If you live in my neighborhood, please accept my apology.  I believe that the Lord hears what is in our hearts.  My singing, however, does not necessarily sound beautiful to the human ear.)

At first I felt as though I wasn't "doing enough."  Then I realized that, as I immersed myself in praise and worship music, the Lord was meeting me there.  It's been a soul-satisfying experience.  When I can concentrate again, I look forward to daily Bible reading, but for now this is good.  In a way it feels like a very pure form of worship:  spending time alone with God, thinking about His attributes, and praising Him for Who He is.  In this season of trial and loss, keeping my focus on Him and His goodness has sometimes seemed like the only thing that pulled me through.

This week, as I've been looking forward instead of backward, I have been feeling as though I've walked out of one fire and into another.  But that's a story for another day!


image source: Flickr user loswl


  1. As my FIL would say - I resemble that remark "(If you live in my neighborhood, please accept my apology. I believe that the Lord hears what is in our hearts. My singing, however, does not necessarily sound beautiful to the human ear.)"

    BTW the reason I am low to the ground and not visible lately is this:

  2. Yes, spending time in pure praise is a wonderful thing! I'm sure the Lord is very thrilled to hear you sing to him and spend time with him that way.


  3. it might not sound beautiful to you...
    but i know it does to HIM

  4. I'm grateful you found healing through worship. What a precious Savior we have. He is truly worthy of our praise. Amazing how we can get our minds off of the "fires" around us when we focus on Him.

    Bless you today!

  5. He does meet us there -- and in different ways for different seasons. It's your heart He sees, Melissa. Keep on keepin' on!

  6. There have been moments in my life where I have no words and all I can do is sit quietly. A heart that sits so heavy in a soul simply needs to weep on the Lord's lap without words. The Spirit groans to God and He understands what we cannot speak.

  7. I'm happy you realize that your praise is pure and God knows your heart.

    I'm giggling thinking about you happily singing off key. :-) At least you feel like singing! That's fabulous. Take it easy and don't worry about focus.

  8. May God bless you and give you peace!

  9. I just know the Lord LOVES your singing. Hang in there. Every breath can be a prayer. Offer it all to God.


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