Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where I Am

This is not the first time I've opened a window to start a blog post.  I've even had fabulous ideas about what to write ... but usually when I'm away from home, and never when I'm able to write.  Once I sit down in front of the computer and open a New Post window, I've got nothing.
Most of you can probably relate to the blank screen that taunts me with lines like, "What happened to that idea you had while you were in the waiting room?  It was such a good one!"  This time, though, I think there are two specific reasons:  radiation treatments and depression.

The radiation treatments are not difficult at the time.  The treatment itself is painless and the women who work at the cancer center are, without exception, wonderful.  The challenges are the schedule, the fatigue, and the skin changes.  ("Skin changes," I've learned, is a euphemism for "Your skin will be burned after ten or fifteen treatments, but we need to keep hitting it with radiation five days a week.")

Through this, though, we have been blessed in many ways.  For now I'll give you just two:
  • Family, friends, and church family have given us so much support.  I don't know how we'd get through this without them.
  • I've met some neat people during my time at the cancer center.  Because we generally have the same appointment times every day, we tend to see the same patients every day.  That allows us to get beyond talking about the weather and share more.
If I can, I will write a separate post about the depression:  my family doctor says that it's not uncommon as an accompaniment to cancer treatment.  In the meantime, thanks for being here! :)  Oh, and be sure to check out the BusyBodyBook organizer giveaway!

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  1. Good to hear an update, Melissa. Know you're in my prayers. Take care of yourself, and I'm glad to hear you have good support.

  2. Praying for you! Miss our chats, but know how it goes. Still very grateful for modern medicine even if it is painful and irritating at times :). Hang in there!

  3. Hi Melisa, I'm happy you posted this. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Glad to hear how well you are dealing with the nightmare and thankful you have a great support network, grounded in Him, to get you through.

    Continued blessings :)

  4. have kept you on our prayer list and am glad you have a great support team!

    my F-I-L is going thru radiation right now too- the fatigue has really gotten him too. hard for someone who has always been on the go.

    prayer will get you thru! HUGS

  5. Thanks for posting an update. I'm praying for you.

  6. so glad to know that through this, you still have a positive outlook and can share 2 of your blessings with us...
    You take care of you now, we will be here when you are ready!

  7. Hang in there! Depression seems to creep up on all of us at some time in our life.



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