Friday, July 1, 2011

Blessings of This Week

It's Friday again and, although I haven't listed my Friday's Fave Five for a few weeks, I thought this would be a good week to play along. I'll tell you up front that I probably won't be able to visit everyone who leaves a comment.  Even though this week has included more than its share of blessings, I am worn out--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Regardless of that, I am glad that you are here!  Thank you for stopping by to read my list. :)
  1. Going to the cancer center every day has brought challenges, but has also given me opportunities to meet people whom I never might have met otherwise.  I've met other patients and their families, and I've both given and received encouragement.  I keep thinking--maybe because one of the people I've met is named Esther--about being placed somewhere for such a time as this.

  2. Parking is limited and, more than once, we have arrived to find no open spaces.  A few times the valet parking attendant has pointed me to a parking spot.  One day, the space he pointed to was very difficult to pull into.  I got myself into a jam, trying to get into the space without hitting the brand-new Mercedes SUV in the next space.  As I was moving the car back and forth, back and forth, a small audience formed.  A doctor, who evidently was finished his workday and heading home, came over to give directions.  A moment later, the valet rushed over and said that he would help.  He got into the driver's seat and, within about 30 seconds, he had backed the car into the parking space.  I thanked him profusely!  When I got into my car after my appointment, I noticed that two construction workers stopped working to watch me execute a picture-perfect 11-point turn to get out of the parking lot.  (They made sure to find a safe viewing site, up on the curb and behind a concrete-reinforced post.)  They sure got a laugh out of it, and it's good that I'm not easily embarrassed by such things. :)

  3. My son would, I'm sure, prefer to spend his summer somewhere other than a waiting room.  Yet he has been both responsible and thoughtful, which reduces my stress level.  He makes his mom proud. :)
  4. Ice Teaphoto © 2008 MzScarlett | more info (via: Wylio)
  5. I finally got around to making real home-brewed iced tea, and we are enjoying it very much!  I've been using the family-size tea bags from Community Coffee, which don't seem to impart the bitterness I sometimes taste in iced tea.  Right now use code FREE15 to get 15% off and free shipping, with no minimum order.  (I have no affiliation with Community Coffee; I just like the product and like to share bargains.)

  6. Our church family has been blessing us in many ways, this week including meals.  And wow, these have been amazing meals!  My family is getting so spoiled that, after five or six weeks of this, they aren't going to want me to cook again!
What have been the best parts of your week?


  1. So glad you are "here" today. I have missed your FFF posts. It is awesome that you see the blessings amidst this difficult time, Melissa. (I am in awe of your attitude.)

    I saw a play about Esther with some girl friends last week. I was also reminded about the place I find myself and that I have been placed here for a specific reason.

    Church meals are a HUGE blessing. My church brought me meals while I was recuperating from a broken shoulder. I felt very humbled but so thoroughly loved by them.

    You are in my prayers today. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. So glad that you are getting meals from the church-- it's always such an encouragement to be reminded tangibly of the love of Christ through you church family. :o)

    Hope you find rest this weekend!

  3. I had to laugh at your parking incident :) I have found myself in that same situation before.
    I don't know what I would do without Iced Tea. Of course, I am one of the strange southerners that drink it "unsweet" but we have tea all of the time :)

  4. Actually the best part of my week has been reading this/your post. I can hear a positiveness in your "voice" even though you are extremely exhausted. Take care and stay strong. I wish I were closer to help, but know that I am thinking of you in the background!

  5. Hurray for that parking attendant! Sometimes the space just doesn't fit. I'm sure you appreciate your church family so much--help with meals is wonderful. And your boy is too!

  6. I very much enjoyed reading your latest post. Your spirit is definitely positive despite going through such difficulties. I'd like for you to visit my blog when you have time, but if you don't that's ok:) Just know that there are other Christ-followers out there that want to be your friend:)

  7. My apologies for taking so long ot get to the FFF posts this week! I'm glad you're managing the treatments and that your son, and your church are being so supportive. Even little things like helpful parking attendants are a help.

    I will keep you in my prayers - feel well.


  8. You definitely have the right attitude - a positive one.

    Still keeping you in my daily prayers.

  9. So glad that you joined in even though I can only imagine how exhausted you might be. That is a special boy you have who'll sit nicely in the waiting room with you.

    You're parking adventure made me smile, especially the watching construction workers. So glad you found the humor in that little incident.

    Saying prayers for you and I hope you have a good week.

  10. Mmm--homemade sweet tea is always on my list. It's the air I breath! :)

    It's so beautiful to see you searching--and finding!--the blessings in the trials. Take care of yourself and your family!

  11. so happy to read your list...
    LOL at the parking..
    I HATE parking as I am really no good at it, especially in my dads BIG BUS SIZED SUBURBAN that we are borrowing while we have the boys...
    also... tea... did you add any sugar? lol, that is the ONLY way to drink iced tea! :)


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