Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Encouragement: Just Do It

I already had a post scheduled--but when I saw the topic for Thursday's Faith Jam, I had to participate! Right now, you see, I could write volumes about the power of encouragement!

Since my diagnosis, I have been encouraged by my family and friends in ways that I could not have previously imagined.  I have experienced a deep peace because I am being loved and supported and prayed for.  I've been blessed beyond measure by the many cards, prayers, phone calls, hugs, email messages, gifts, and offers of help that I've received.


cards and angel

In addition to gaining a profound awareness of the power of encouragement, I've also made a decision to keep the encouragement flowing through me to others.  When another church friend was ill, we sent a card.  It took only a few minutes, but the gesture was appreciated.  Yesterday I mailed out two more cards:  one to comfort a family going through a rough time, the other to thank a friend for sharing the love of Christ.  It's easy to forget that encouraging someone, like other ways of showing love, doesn't require a grand gesture.  (For more ideas, see Michelle's guest post, 20 Ways to Show Love Right Now.)

What have you learned about the power of encouragement?



  1. Good idea. Who is that girl that wrote that post again? I think I lost her.

  2. Oh I am so with you on this one. We have been encouraged and blessed in so many ways. It not a journey we would ever want, but God's people sure help make it easier!!! :) Praying for you too!!

  3. I know that it is a skill that I need to work on.

  4. So glad that you're receiving encouragement! And passing it on. That's great. (I'm now feeling guilty because I intended to bring a card tonight for my Bible class to sign for a guy graduating from a drug rehab program...but I never got around to it. Boo.)

  5. love this...
    so happy for all of the encouragement you are getting..
    hope you are having a great day!

  6. I have been blessed by many encouragers these past 6 weeks. I've found out that I do need encouragement. It makes a huge difference to my mental, emotional, and spiritual make-up. At the beginning of my recuperation from a broken shoulder,I bought a great bog box of blank notes cards. I am now on my 2nd box. Sometimes I write words of gratitude and sometimes of encouragement. But all the time I end up being encouraged too. GREAT POST!

  7. You are right. I've learned that even a small gesture of encouragement - a phone call, a card - means so much.

  8. I always have good intentions at sending out actual cards, but in the end it sits in my purse for months. My husband thought just getting married would mean the woman in the household would remember all those little things women are known to remember.

    He married a tomboy. I don't sew. I don't mend. I don't do cards well. I intend to do cards better. I do cook and bake. Sometimes, I'll cook or bake for someone to encourage them. At least, THAT can't sit in my purse for months.

  9. Aw. Melissa. Chokes me up to hear your encouraging heart -- even in the midst of your own journey to health! Those pictures of cards you received... ! I'm the same way -- I love cards. May God continue to fill you up, as you generously serve others with your encouragement through cards! Thank you Jesus for Melissa!


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