Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Summers & Camp Belong in Maine (Article)

Most of my childhood vacations were spent camping.  We would hike during the day, build a campfire after dark, and sleep in a tent.  I haven't camped since I was in high school, but I have many memories of those trips!  Although we never camped in Maine, reading this article brought back some of those memories:  singing around the fire, watching fireflies in the dark-darkness (away from the artificial lights of our town), enjoying the quiet of the outdoors.  This article entices me to go to Maine ... for the peace, for the food, and maybe for the shopping! :)

Disclosure: This Project You Magazine (www.projectyoumagazine) sponsored post was brought to you by "The Role Mommy Writer's Network."


  1. I have never visited Maine, but I would like to. I heard it's beautiful.

  2. I've visited Maine but have never camped there. It's a lovely state. I can just imagine spending a night under the stars there!


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