Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two on Tuesday

My surgery is scheduled for today, so I thought it would be a good day to tell you about a fun meme plus share a few photos.

Melynda, who has been kind enough to be a frequent guest poster here, has taken over Cookbook Sundays. The idea is to take one of those cookbooks from your bookshelf and use it, then post one or more recipes. She keeps the linky open all week, so you can keep your weekend time for your family. I haven't participated yet, but this sounds like fun to me! I have several shelves full of cookbooks that I rarely use, so Cookbook Sundays would give me an extra incentive to revisit them. If this sounds like you, maybe you'd be interested, as well!

A while back, I included our spring flowers on my Friday's Fave Five list, but I didn't have any pictures to share.  Now the flowers are gone until next spring, but I have pictures!

Spring flowers collage

These red and yellow tulips have been in this garden for several years.  One day when we were shopping at one of the home improvement stores, I saw bins of loose bulbs.  I picked up some red, some yellow, and some streaked--all in the same bag.  The next spring I had the surprise of finding out which ones were which. :)

The dark purple tulips are more recent additions to our garden.  I just can't look at these photos ...

purple tulips

... without thinking of the movie "Little Shop of Horrors"! ;)


  1. Healing thoughts on your surgery...

  2. You are still in my prayers. ((hugs))

    Thanks for posting the pics of the flowers, they are pretty!

  3. Your tulips are beautiful!

    Praying for you today.

  4. By now the surgery is probably done. Sending prayers for continued guidance and healing from above!

  5. LOVE the photos!
    Thanks for posting them!!!!
    One day, I will have tulips! :)
    I totally emailed you, then headed over here to see if there was any update...
    Hugs and Prayers being sent to yoU!!!


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