Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Direction in Women's Health Care

Breast Cancer Survivor Makes Critical Step in a New Direction Improving Prevention, Detection, and Research of Breast Cancer

Did you know that The Mount Sinai Medical Center is a leader in cancer prevention, detection, research, and treatment? Nearly one-third of Mount Sinai's strategic investments have been for cancer care and research. As part of this commitment, a new cancer center has been unveiled this Spring at Mount Sinai, as The Dubin Breast Center opens its doors with a truly inspiring story of how it came to be.

When Dr. Eva Dubin was told that she had breast cancer, it was like the whole world shut down. As a mother, a wife and a physician, she had a lot to live for. So after she won her battle, Dr. Dubin was determined to do more to help other women through their journeys as well. Her dream came true; located inside of The Mount Sinai Medical Center Dr. Dubin and her husband, Glenn, have helped open a state-of-the-art facility called the Dubin Breast Center this month. The Dubins envisioned a center where all the services a patient needs could be found under one roof. The Dubin Breast Center is the only breast center of its kind located within an academic medical institution in New York City.

Since breast cancer is a very personal illness, Dr. Dubin was determined to go beyond the bricks and mortar and construct an atmosphere that enables patients and their families to be completely at ease throughout their entire visit. During the planning phase Dr. Dubin worked with Dr. George Raptis, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology and co-director of the Dubin Breast Center; and Dr. Elisa Port, Chief of Breast Surgery and Co-Director of the Dubin Breast Center; to assemble an advisory board of survivors to assess their experience. These discussions helped contribute to the overall plan, design, and vision for the center. The Dubin Breast Center meant building a place where every patient can feel like he or she is the center of attention. At the heart of the Dubin Breast Center lies an intimate setting, which will ensure that every person who walks through the door will receive that personal attention they so much deserve.

Doctors at Dubin Breast Center
Under the leadership of Drs. Raptis and Port, patients can be assured that a passion for medicine, patients and new discoveries is at the heart of everything they do. "Whether it's clinical care, clinical research, or translational research, everything emanates from the patient," says Dr. Raptis.   "Whenever we speak about a patient, the first thing we do is introduce that patient. We talk about who they are, who their family is, and what kind of work they do, because this is who they are. When we see a patient as an individual rather than a person with a disease that defines how we approach that patient."

Dr. Port's enthusiasm is inspiring: "For me, equally important as what happens in the operating room is what happens before. It's been important for me to develop communication skills so I can give patients the knowledge base that they need to make the best decisions for themselves. I typically say, 'I may be the expert in breast cancer, but you are the expert in you.'"

This fifteen-thousand square foot facility features:
  • A boutique-like, personal feel while being able to leverage resources from the large academic medical center that is The Mount Sinai Medical Center located right in New York City
  • Multidisciplinary services ranging from prevention to aftercare in one centralized location
  • Comprehensive breast cancer and patient care
  • Plans to offer complementary medicine including nutrition, onco-fertility and quality of life counseling
  • Weekly meetings on translational medicine, monthly lectures on translation research where physician scientists present their advanced findings and discuss how to incorporate them into treatment, and bi-weekly meetings about clinical trials
"A warm and attractive space, it will put the needs of the patient at the forefront of all of its operations," said Dr. Dubin. "The Dubin Breast Center's opening puts the final piece in place for this model of integrative and comprehensive care. I am proud to see this vision come to life."

To learn more about The Mount Sinai Medical Center, their cancer facilities and research programs, and the new Dubin Breast Center, visit Leadership To Cure:

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